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Olivier Busquet Wins EPT Barcelona Super High Roller

The first event of the anniversary 100th European Poker Tour has concluded. The €50K Super High Roller trophy and first place prize money in the amount of €896,434 are now safely in the hands of Olivier Busquet. He was able to outlast Daniel Colman in a grueling heads up match. This comes as no surprise, as before his victory in the Big One for One Drop, Colman was best known as a heads-up specialist. This time, however, he was stopped by an also very experienced Busquet and had to settle for second place.

This did not hurt Colman financially too much. The final two combatants reached a deal and second place was good for €843,066. It was more a matter of pride between the two good friends, both of whom were able to prevail over the field of 58 elite players and get in position to play for the glory.

Tough Final Table

The final table was reached today, on the third day of play, and seats were occupied by players such as Dan Shak, Sam Trickett and Scott Seiver – all experienced professionals who have been around for a while and have, pretty much, seen it all.

The first player to depart was Mustapha Kanit. The Italian got his money in the  middle with #ac#qd against German Sven Reichardt’s #as#8c, but could not hold his preflop advantage and was sent to the rail in ninth with €105,455 for his efforts.

Not Over Until It’s Over

One particular hand that happened soon after Kanit’s departure did not see any players hit the rail, but it was certainly the hand of the tournament. It left everybody at the table stunned, especially the down-on-his-luck Reichardt. He moved in with his #kd#ks against Busquet’s #as#2s and his decent preflop advantage turned into a near lock after the flop came #8h#8c#kc. But alas, <1% is still not 0%. When the dealer turned #ah, there was some commotion, but it still looked more like a tease. Lo and behold, the #ah showed up on the river, sending the pot to Busquet.

Despite losing that pot that appeared firmly his, Reichardt was not the next one out. Instead, it was Shak, who ran his #as#8s into the pocket Aces of Busquet. After the earlier hand, no one really expected any different development than to see Shak go in 8th with €138,600 to his name. Morten Klein met the same fate when his #as#qs went up against Busquet’s rockets. Sometimes it is just meant to be.

Reichardt hung on for a while, but it was eventually his time to go as well. His pocket Tens were no match for Colman’s pocket Kings and sixth place and a €225,000 reward simply had to be enough. After Colamn took that hand, Busquet took the role of executioner for the next hand that saw Trickett meet his doom. Sam’s #as#kc failed to improve against the American’s pocket Eights. Trickett earned €288,400 for his performance.

It was then Colman’s turn to add some chips and crush the dreams of another player. The short-stacked Seiver had the best hand going in, but Colman was able to outflop him and send him to an observers’ spot, albeit €364,200 richer.

Before the stage was set for heads-up action, Vladimir Troyanovskiy had to go as well. Once again, Busquet took care of that after yet another flip went his way. Troyanovskiy earned €437,200 and in so doing passed the $2.5 million mark in career earnings.

Playing for the Glory

After Vlad’s departure, the two colleagues agreed to split most of the remaining money, leaving just €30,000 to play for. That relatively small amount (in high roller terms) went to Busquet after he was able to outplay Colman in a long battle.

The Super High Roller Event is history but by no means is it the end of the festivities. The Main Event starts tomorrow in Barcelona and players will continue their battle for big money, trophies, and glory.

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