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No Triple Crown for Clements - First WSOP Gold for Tyler Patterson

Tyler Patterson will, no doubt, keep the World Series of Poker 2014 in his good-memories box. Just couple hours ago, he outlasted a field of 990 players, becoming that special one – the one that gets to take home the bracelet.

It was Event #48, Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low, and by the time the final day of the tournament was about to start, there were ten players standing between Patterson and the bracelet and first place money of $270,992. Two more players were quickly eliminated, and Patterson found himself on the final table containing four previous bracelet winners, and only one of them had just one.

Patterson had his work cut out for him in a tough competition and with about averages chip-stack, but wasn’t going to go without fight for sure. He was looking for his spots, as one by one, players were sent to the rail. First two to go were the two without bracelet honors to their names, Dylan Wilkerson in 9th and J. R. Flournoy in 8th.

Derek Raymond was looking for his second career bracelet on this final table, but it wasn’t meant to be for him, as he was eliminated in 7th place as Jeff Madsen and Tom Schneider ended up chopping his last pot for the high and the low end, sending Raymond to the rail in the process.

Tom Schneider was actually the one with most trophies in the mix, with four bracelets and 2007 POY title, but despite of it all, he was the next one out, as his #as#ad#kh#7d failed to hold against Madsen, who turned two pair to send him to the rail.

It was time for Patterson to score a knockout and he did, as his pocket Aces flopped Garry Kosakowski dead for the high, and turn ensured there would be no low either. Fifth place finish was worth $56,000 and change for Kosakowski. Petterson did not stop at one elimination, however, as he proceeded to send Jeff Madsen ($76,150) to the rail as well, after his hand stood up against Madsen’s on both high and low end, denying Madsen his fourth career bracelet.

Scott Clements took care of the last opponent before facing Patterson for the bracelet, as he sent Cody Crawford to the rail after his set of Fours held up against Crawford’s nut flush draw. Crawford would earn $104,914 for his third place finish and the two would start heads up nearly even in chips.

Patterson probably got the worst possible opponent for the final confrontation, as Scott Clements was in the hunt for his third bracelet, and his previous two came from the Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo events. This did not confuse Patterson, however, as he started grinding his opponent down right from the get go. Clements made couple attempts to get back in it and take control, but couldn’t find the right way to do it. And then the final hand came about.

After Scott Clements limped the button, Patterson raised from the big blind and he received a call. They saw the flop of #kc#10d#2h and it was checked through. #7c on the turn put a stop to peaceful approach, as Patterson check-raised Clements’ bet, and eventually all the chips went into the middle.

Clements was ahead for the time being, with #kd#7d#6c#3c against Patterson’s #as#8c#9c#3s, but the #2c on the river completed the clubs-flush for both players. Patterson’s was higher, though, and Scott Clements was denied his third Omaha bracelet and sent to the rail as the second place finisher, claiming $167,686.

Tyler Patterson binked his flush on the river and with that deuce of clubs came his first WSOP bracelet as well – a fact that made him very happy. Although he admitted that bracelet did not mean more than the money ($271,000), it was still a very big and important recognition for him, as he’s been around for a while and finally got to claim one of the most coveted poker trophies.

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