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Night of Seconds at the WSOP: Brett Shaffer Wins the Bracelet in Event #31

Last night was the night of seconds at the Rio, as both Joe Cada and Brett Shaffer claimed their second gold bracelets. For Shaffer, his first one came last year after he defeated David Vamplew to claim the victory in another $1,500 event.

The day started with Matt Stout leading the way among 15 players, all looking to claim their seat at the final table. The last casualty before the official final table was Steven McNally, whose run ended in 10th place. The final nine were ready to go for the bracelet with Shaffer right in the middle of the pack.

First to hit the rail was Jason Vanstrom, who came in as the short stack and walked away banking $29,658. Following him out the door was Jim Jakobsen in eighth place ($38,365), who lost a classic flip with his #as#kd against Peter Gould’s pocket Tens. Rob Wazwaz ($50,246) was stopped in seventh when he gave his chips over to RJ Sullivan in a three-way pot.

Robert Schmidt ($66,176) fell at the hands of Shaffer after his #as#10d couldn’t improve against Shaffer’s #3s#3d. Alex Gofman then shoved his #10c#10h into the #as#ah of Gould to bust in fifth, taking home $89,835. After this, it was down to four players and although chips were moving around the table, no players exited for a long time.

Finally, one of the final four slipped up and it was Gould who lost a significant flip to Sullivan when his pocket Eights couldn’t hold up against Sullivan’s #jd#10s. Gould then jammed his last 400k with #6h#5h into the #ks#9s of Shaffer, pocketing $122,731 for his performance.

Stout had high expectations for this tournament as he was tweeting #Iamdangerous throughout the event. Unfortunately for him, he was not dangerous enough as he finished in third place. He three-bet jammed over Sullivan and Sullivan made the call with #kc#qc to put Stout and his #as#9s at risk. A Queen on the flop took away Stout’s advantage and by the river, Stout was packing his things and going to pick up $170,247 for his efforts.

With this, Shaffer and Sullivan were ready to fight for the bracelet. Shaffer held a lead of about a million chips and Sullivan nearly managed to get even at one point. However, Shaffer would not allow his second bracelet to slip from his fingers. The final hand saw Sullivan making a call for all of his chips with #ah#4h against Shaffer’s #as#2d. Sullivan had a slight advantage, but it would be annihilated on the flop of #5d#2c#9h. Sullivan could still catch some outs to get ahead, but as the board finished #6c #2h, so did he. His second place finish earned him $258,695.

As for Shaffer, he claimed his second gold bracelet, $418,435 in cash, and booked his ninth WSOP cash overall. Certainly a proud moment for the 31-year-old who outlasted a total of 1,630 opponents to claim this victory!

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