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News Bite - Future Tables To Produce TV Experience

Following on from the feature article of poker as a spectator sport, an article at Pokerati has shown the future of the poker market for live games, with the use of Radio-Frequency Identification Technology, or RFID for short.

RFID works by placing electronic tags into cards, which when recognised by a reader is registered by a system and displayed by live stream. The readers are placed among each player to read their hole cards, to read the community cards and a muck area to place discarded hands. The data is read by a piece of software that can displayed via the live stream, statistics such as showdown percentages, payout structures and other stats, with the use of a single laptop.

It certainly adds a new element to the potential of live poker in the future. Despite the slightly expensive cost of the products, it can cater to every type of tournament played. A pub-poker league or local casino tournament can give souvenirs to the players and give their games a superstar feel for them, while major TV tournaments can have an easier method to produce the shows, now that most of the production can be automated.

If you wish to produce your own RFID-equipped poker table, here’s how:


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