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Negreanu's Bankroll Challenge Resurrected

Some micro-limit players on PokerStars may have been surprised recently when sitting down at a no-limit cash table to find none other than Team PokerStars pro Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu seated amongst them. No, Negreanu didn’t bust his bankroll and have to start from scratch. Nor does the Canadian pro have a desire to annihilate the fish commonly found at those levels. Keeping in line with the highly-anticipated resurrection of Full Tilt Poker in November, Negreanu also resurrected an online bankroll challenge made three years ago in which he is attempting to start with a $10 bankroll at the $0.01/$0.02 stake level and run it up to $100,000.

Negreanu originally announced his desire to complete his self-imposed challenge in three years, but that time frame has long passed since starting in Jan. 2009. Hard to blame him for pushing such an endeavor aside when there was millions of dollars to be won and a weekly rant to produce. But the pro that he is, Negreanu didn’t forget about his goal and updated his rules of the bankroll challenge, this time eliminating any time constraints in which to accomplish the feat.

One might wonder what would prompt a professional of his caliber to undertake such a challenge. “Should be kind of fun and it will help me have a better understanding for these lower limit games and the best approach to beating them,” Negreanu said.

KidPoker reportedly got the idea from Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who challenged himself to start with $0 and accumulate $10,000 in winnings by first entering freeroll tournaments on Full Tilt Poker and winning enough to sit down at ring games and continue his pursuit. As we all know, the only challenges Ferguson has faced as of late are those of defending himself against the Black Friday allegations as a Full Tilt board member.

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