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Multimillionaire Guy Laliberté Decides to Take a Break from the Nosebleeds

In the world of high stakes poker, there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between the “sharks” and the “whales”. These “sharks” are dependent on the availability of “whales” in the high stakes world. These “whales”, who range from businessmen to celebrities, play poker for the love of the game and laugh at the thousands of dollars at stake in each game. In the online world, the most infamous whale has been Guy Laliberté, founder and CEO of the worldwide known Cirque Du Soleil, who is in the 831st position of the world’s richest individuals according to the Forbes magazine.

Guy has played High Stakes all around the globe against top professionals such as Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan with very little success. In addition to his big losses in the high stakes live games, Laliberté has also lost huge amounts of money playing online at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. According to, the Cirque Du Soleil founder has lost about 15 million dollars playing poker over his lifetime.

“I have lost a lot in the Online tables, so I decided to take a break from Poker. I started playing about 7 years ago in Las Vegas, when a friend brought me to my first table. I liked the social aspect of this game and it’s competitivity. I also like to be able to read the other players, their approach to the game and strategy. Poker is a game that fits extremely well with my personality” – Laliberté explained.

With his gambling attitude, Guy may start to study the game and use smart bankroll and game management, even though he has lost colossal amounts of money over the years. 

The news of this loss has most likely been disheartening to high stakes regulars, but these “sharks” just plan to await the next big “whale”.

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