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Movie about Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow in the Making

Production company 1984 Professional Defense Contractors has announced that they have started working on a movie project based upon the Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow autobiographical book entitled Check-Raising the Devil.

Matusow is well-known in poker circles not only due to his appearances in many big tournaments and cash games, but also for his constant chatter at the tables, which earned him the nickname The Mouth. The movie will focus more on other aspects of his life as well, like his struggle with drugs, depression, promiscuous sex, jail and suicidal depression.

This project is still in its infancy, so there aren’t many details available as to when the movie will be released or what particular parts of Mouth’s life it will cover, but those who have read the book can form a decent educated guess.

Uncertain details surrounding the movie release opened up some room for speculation and the good folks on Two Plus Two made a thread devoted to it. Some posters have expressed their ideas about who would be a good actor to embody Matusow’s character on the big screen.

Mike ‘The Mouth’ is certainly an interesting enough character to make this movie fun to watch once it comes out. If there is something that sells Hollywood movies, that’s money, sex and gambling, and there should be plenty of all three in there.

The company that took up this challenge has a decent amount of experience and success to back them up, and those named as producers are Adi Shankar, Spencer Silna and David Uslan. Shankar and Silna’s work include movies like Lone Survivor, Broken City and The Grey.

The Pokerstrategy site has also come up with a couple of scenes they believe should definitely be included in the movie, including his quite famous confrontations with Sharham Sheikhan, as well as The Mouth’s deuce-seven hand against Phil Hellmuth.

We have nothing else to do now but to wait and see what the final product will be like, but I am sure that a lot of fans are really hoping this movie gets done properly and becomes one of those movies you actually want to go and see, not just something you decide to see just because you have nothing better to do.

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