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"Millionaire Maker" Unofficial Final Table Set

The WSOP “Millionaire Maker” Hold’Em Event is down to its final 10 players after the end of its third day. That number is a far drop from the 133 who participated on the start of Day 3, not to mention the 6,343 players who played in both of the event’s starting flights.

Canadian player Benny Chen will have the chip lead when the unofficial final table gets underway tomorrow. Chen will go into the final day with a stack of 5,865,000 chips and has a solid lead over the rest of the table. Dan Kelly is second on the chip ladder with 4,130,000 chips to his name while Justin Liberto is third with a stack of 3.8 million.

Chen was able to get a significant boost to his stack towards the end of Day 3 after winning a solid pot against Joe Kuether. While Chen had an ordinary hand in Nine Seven off suit, he was able to hit a straight on the river. The Prince Edward Islander was able to boost his stack by over 600,000 after both he and Kuether built the pot before and after the flop.

That was not the major hand for Chen on the third day, however. That accolade goes to a hand that went down about an hour before against then-chip leader Chris Hunichen. Chen, who had Ace Queen, moved all in preflop with Ace Jack, which was called by Hunichen, who showed Pocket Jacks. An ace came on the flop and Chen won the hand, boosting his stack from two million to just over four million in the process.

Kelly was not so fortunate as Day 3 was drawing to a close. With just three hands left to play on the day, Kelly, who had Ace Jack off suit, called a pre flop reraise of 250,000 by McVeigh and a flop of Jack of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds and Six of Spades was shown. McVeigh then raised or 450,000 which was met by an all in reraise by Kelly.

McVeigh promptly called and won the hand after the Nine of Hearts on the turn and the Four of Hearts on the river was of no help to Kelly. The last minute loss meant that Kelly’s stack fell from 5.3 million to a little over 4.1 million as Day 3 was nearing its end.

Chen will go into the fourth and final day in the best position to take out the tournament. Despite this, he will not be safe as all remaining players will likely be on their A game as they aim to capture the WSOP Gold Bracelet and the top prize of $1,199,104.

One of those will surely be Kelly, who brings WSOP experience and glory with them having won a WSOP Gold Bracelet in the 2010 $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max event. A Gold Bracelet eludes Chen, but thatwill likely make him even hungrier to keep his current chip lead and win the tournament. The fact that the first place cash prize is over eleven times more than his greatest poker cash win is also likely to make Chen one to watch on Day 4.

The final day of the “Millionaire Maker” is set to take place later today at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.

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