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Michalak ISPT Main Event Champ

The International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) Main Event came to a close last night, and it was Jacub Michalak who took out took spot at Wembley Stadium.

The Polish online poker sensation started the six seater final table second last on the chip ladder, but played a stellar game on the last day to win the Main Event. Pete Linton was the player highly touted to take out the tournament at the start of the final table given he was the only player with an eight figure chip stack.

Linton’s stack diminished fairly early on at the expense of Michalak, however, as the Pole doubled up against the Brit when his Ace Queen hit a straight on the river. Michalak then went on to claim his first final table scalp as he eliminated Gwendoline Janot in sixth place after his Ace High beat the Frenchwoman’s Ten High.

Her fellow countryman Alban Juen was next to go after being knocked out by Linton in fifth spot. After a series of pre flop raises and reraises, Linton went all in with King Queen of Spades, which was called by Juen, who had Pocket Jacks. The flop was not kind to Juen as a King and Queen came on the flop, which gave Linton a Two Pair. Another King on the river gave the Brit a full house and Juen was sent packing with €290,000 for his efforts.

Michalak and Linton went against each other in yet another show down, but it was to be their last as Linton would be knocked out in fourth place. Linton, who had Ace Queen off suit, called Michalak’s pre flop all in after a number of three and four bets between both players. Michalak showed King Jack and was ahead after a King came on the flop.

He would have a strong grasp of the lead after the turn when the Jack of Spades was shown, which gave the Pole Two Pair and Linton needing a Ten on the river to survive. The Ten did not come and the former chip leader was eliminated, while Michalak’s stack was boosted to 28 million.

Michalak would strike again as he knocked Nick Hicks out the tournament in third place after hitting Trip Twos on the flop. Hicks, who hit of a pair of Aces on the flop, called all of Michalak’s bets up to the river, and he was eventually all in and eliminated after the Pole showed his King Two off suit.

Hicks’ elimination meant the event was now down to heads-up play between Michalak and Frenchman Xavier El Fassy. Michalak held an 8 to 1 chip lead over El Fassy, and it would not be long before he won all of the chips and the tournament.

El Fassy, who had Pocket Kings, called Michalak’s reraise after he went all in with Ace Seven off suit. Unfortunately for El Fassy, the Pole hit an Ace on the flop and the Frenchman’s future in the tournament was looking bleak. The Four of Diamonds on the turn was no help to El Fassy, and the Ace of Clubs on the river cemented his fate as he was eliminated and Michalak was crowned winner of the event.

While the first prize was to be €1,000,000, a deal was made by all six final table players before final table play occurred. More money was distributed to the players based on their then-chip stacks, with €200,000 being left for whoever got first place.

That meant Michalak won a total of €436,000 for winning the ISPT Main Event, still an excellent payday no matter what way one looks at it.

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