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Martin Meciar Crushes Opposition To Win Eureka Rozvadov Main Event

He never looked back. After securing the chip lead in the very last hand of Day 3, online MTT regular Martin “kingroler” Meciar was in complete control throughout the whole final day, testing his opponents and taking advantage of every mistake they made.

Just like in an online tournament, the Slovakian used his aggressive image to grab stack after stack until every chip was in his possession. And he started bullying the opposition right off the bat by four-betting all-in in the first hand of the official final table. German semi-pro Sascha Ranzinger did the same move the next hand, setting a pace that can prove rather dangerous for inexperienced players.

The first to fall, however, was not an amateur. Dawid Myseiewicz is a specialized online MTT player just like Meciar and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shove his last 11 big blinds with #ah#kh. Ranzinger called him with #qc#qs and managed to win the race.

Former EPT winner Michael Eiler followed him to the rail in seventh place after three-betting with #ad#jc. Again Ranzinger had the goodies, dominating Eiler’s hand with #ah#kh.

Six minutes later, Day 2 huge chip leader Bert Geens was out in an attempt to make a move against the big stack bully. When Meciar min-raised from late position, Geens shoved his stack with #qc#10c but soon realized that he picked a terrible spot to re-steal light. Meciar had #as#ah that improved even more on the #10s#4d#ac flop; by the turn the Belgian was drawing dead.

Amateur Christian Jambor was next to fall in fifth place. He was the victim of a bad beat after going all-in with #ac#qc and being called by Ranzinger who held #ah#3s. Unfortunately for Jambor, the poker gods favored the more experienced player and gave him a straight on the river.

But what comes around, goes around, especially if you force the action. That was the case for Ranzinger who three-bet Meciar and five-bet shove over his small four-bet with #jh#10d. The Slovakian snap-called with #kh#kd, adding even more power to his already dominating stack.

Three-handed, Meciar made once again a good move by calling a limp/re-raise and then not giving up postflop with second pair against Michael-David Passy’s two barrels. Nevertheless, Passy did have the presence of mind to check the river and live to fight another hand.

And the poker gods rewarded his patience twice. First by sending Beatrix Wolfsberger to the rail in third place. The 46-year-old Austrian moved all-in with #jc#9c and was called by the Dominator Meciar who had #ac#10h. The board secured Wolfsberger a cash prize of €42,300 – a huge result for the only lady at the final table who qualified for this event via a €27 satellite.

Heads-up, Passy also received a €6,000 bonus as the two agreed to split the prize pool more evenly: €77,600 for Meciar, €65,000 for Passy, plus €10,000 left to play for. The initial payout for second place was €59,000.

And with the money already sealed, the two players wasted no time and got it all-in in the third hand of heads-up play. Passy shoved his remaining stack with #8h#5h while Meciar immediately called with #qh#qc, putting an end to the Eureka Rozvadov poker festival.

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