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Martin Jacobson Wins 2014 WSOP Main Event and $10 Million

The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event is officially in the record books and Martin Jacobson is poker’s world champion. He overcame the intimidating Jorryt van Hoof and dominated Felix Stephensen heads-up to take the title and $10 million in prize money.

When play resumed at the Rio in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jorryt van Hoof returned as the chip leader with 89.62 million. Martin Jacobson was second in chips, holding 64.75 million. Felix Stephensen was the short stack with 46 million.

Jorryt van Hoof From First to Out in Third

Jorryt van Hoof came into the November Nine as the chip leader and used intimidation and great play to retain that chip lead all the way to the final three. Then he made one small change at the beginning of play on Tuesday, he put on sunglasses. It seemed that from the moment that he put on sunglasses that he lost power over his opponents.

Van Hoof took a huge hit to his stack during hand 269. After van Hoof raised to 2.6 million, Felix Stephensen called and the flop fell #9c#4c#3d. Action was checked around and the #5h hit the turn. Stephensen led out for 4 million and was called. When the river appeared as #kc, Stephensen shoved for 17 million.

After tanking for a while, van Hoof made the call and showed #jc#5c for a pair of fives. Stephensen flipped over #9d#8s for a pair of nines and doubled to 48.6 million. Martin Jacobson was solidly in the chip lead after this hand.

Stephensen’s double-up hand started a steady slide for van Hoof. Eventually, he lost the sunglasses and began to rebound a bit, but then he made a move at the wrong time and it cost him the Main Event title.

Van Hoof raised from the button to 3.6 million. Jacobson three-bet to 9.2 million from the small blind, only to be met with an all-in shove from van Hoof. Jacobson made the call and revealed #As#10c, while van Hoof turned over #Ad#5d. The flop brought cheers from both rails as it fell #10h#5s#2d, giving both a pair. Van Hoof also picked up a running wheel draw. The turn #Qc left van Hoof needing one of the fives in the deck, but the river #Qc brought his run in the Main Event to an abrupt end. Jorryt van Hoof earned $3.8 million for his incredible run.

Martin Jacobson is Poker’s Newest World Champion

Heading into heads-up play, Martin Jacobson had a better than 2.5:1 chip lead with 142 million. Felix Stephensen started heads-up with 58.5 million. Sadly for Stephensen, he never moved much above 65 million in chips during the entire heads-up match. Jacobson took control during the match and regularly put the pressure on his opponent. Stephensen continued to slide and was just under 30 million in chips when we reached the final hand.

Stephensen raised to 3.5 million from the button and Jacobson put him all-in. Stephensen put his 28 million stack at risk and flipped over #Ah#9h. Jacobson turned over pocket tens and was on the cusp of winning the Main Event title.

The flop fell #10c#9c#3s to give Jacobson a set of tens and a virtual lock to win the title. Only running aces would save Stephensen. The turn fell the #Kd and Stephensen was drawing dead. When the river #4c hit the board, the celebration began as Martin Jacobson became the 2014 WSOP Main Event Champion.

It was fitting that pocket tens were the winning hand the year that the top prize was $10 million. Jacobson played nearly flawless poker on Tuesday to overtake the chip lead and ultimately take down the Main Event title. Congratulations to Martin Jacobson, 2014 WSOP Main Event Champion.



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