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Maria Ho Enjoying Her Time in Monaco

Maria Ho was kind enough to give an exclusive interview to PokerTube after being eliminated from the Main Event on Day 2. Despite the elimination, she is enjoying her time in Monte Carlo, as she finds it really nice and peaceful. This is her second year playing the Grand Final and even though things didn’t quite work out, she is not unhappy.

It was a good year overall for Maria even with the lack of live results, as she’s been really going strong online. Her biggest score this year was winning the Sunday 500 on Pokerstars for $80,000. She’s been working a lot on her online game lately and results have naturally followed.

Online is such a different game than live poker, and I didn’t really know all of the subtle differences before. Since I’ve started working on my game a lot I’ve realized that there is still a lot of profitability online.

Ho believes that the key to success is selecting the right tournaments to play and working constantly on your game. Developing her online game was of particular importance for Maria, as she spent the first couple years of her career strictly playing live. Then her ability to play online was once again trumped after Black Friday, which caused her to move to Vancouver. Luckily, it’s not too far from Los Angeles, so she gets to go home every couple weeks.

Apart from playing, Ho’s career has been developing in other directions as well. She was a Heartland Poker Tour commentator for Season 9 and is currently working on Season 10. Although it is an interesting job, she says that she never realized how hard it was before she started working.

It’s really interesting to be on the other side of things. I’ve just realized how tough of a job commentators really have – you don’t realize, but to be able to say everything you are thinking and strategize through the hand outloud, it’s not something I’m used to doing.

At least there isn’t much of a filter on the show and Maria gets to say what she really thinks, including berating some really poor plays and bad decisions.

Her plans for the next couple months revolve around SCOOP, which she feels is a great online series with great variation in buy-in levels and a lot of money in prize pools. And then it’s off to Vegas – of course.

According to Maria, she likes to plan ahead, so her plans for the series consist of 30 pre-selected events, some of which include mixed games. In her opinion, many players are not up to date with games like Omaha 8 and Razz and she has an upper hand as she started playing them a couple of years ago.

The only thing Ho is uncertain about is if she will have enough stamina for all 30 tournaments that she wants to play, but she will be doing her best to reach that target.

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