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Main Event Prize Will Likely Exceed $8 Million

With more than 7,000 entrants in this year’s WSOP Main Event, tournament officials said that this year’s prize will likely exceed $8 million. 

The number of Main Event entrants is down from last year but more than many experts expected given the Black Friday indictments and other legal problems facing the poker world. 

Tournament officials seemed to overestimate the number of players slightly; they opened up new tables on the tournament floor that went unused during the tournament’s first three days. 

Last year’s winner, Canadian professional Jonathan Duhamel, beat 7,318 opponents for $8.94 million.

Facing diminished numbers of entrants, the WSOP held a number of small, last-minute tournaments to qualify entrants for the Main Event, hoping to compensate for the loss of players supplied by websites who provided thousands of $10,000 entrance fees. 

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