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Lockdown Ends at Russian Poker Tour in Ukraine

Players competing at the Russian Poker Tour (RPT) in Kiev, Ukraine have finally been allowed to leave the Khreschatyk Poker Club following a previous lockdown order due to political unrest and rioting in the streets.

The latest reports from the New York Times indicate that today may have been the worst yet in terms of bloodshed with 39 people killed. That brings the unconfirmed death toll to 70 in several days of protesting, with injuries in the hundreds. It is becoming likely that a state of emergency may be declared by President Viktor Yanukovych, which would activate military forces to combat the mayhem.

Poker players who had settled in to compete at the club for RPT’s 5th anniversary from February 17 – 26 were locked in beginning on Feb. 18 when the turmoil outside made it dangerous to leave. The RPT’s Facebook page reports that the event has been canceled and the players who had been holed up inside were allowed to disperse.

Players competing in the Main Event will receive a distribution of the prize pool according to their chip stacks when the tourney was called off. Players are further advised not to return to the Khreschatyk Poker Club, as arrangements will be made to pay back those who had chips remaining.



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