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Lim First Aussie to Win at WSOP APAC

Australian Aaron Lim is a hefty $233,800 richer after taking out the WSOP Asia Pacific Event #4 on Thursday. On top of the nearly quarter million dollars, Lim is now also a proud owner of a WSOP gold bracelet after his victory in the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Six Max tournament.

Hailing from the Western Australian city of Perth, the 24-year-old’s win is his biggest in what has so far been a stellar year in poker for Lim. It was only four weeks ago that Lim took out first place in the 2013 Asia Pacific Poker Tour Seoul Main Event, where he won 121,700,000 Korean Won, or approximately US$111,000. Not bad at all for one month’s work.

While Lim played solidly throughout the tournament – illustrated by the fact he was the chip leader with the final seven players remaining – he was trailing Malaysian Australian Andy Lee in the chip count at the beginning of heads up action. This did not deter Lim, however, with his smart, bold and confident play eventually regaining him the chip lead.

The final hand of the tournament saw Lim make another bold move when he reraised his King Five of hearts all-in pre-flop. Lee, who had Ace Queen off-suit, had his stack covered by Lim and made an attempt to double up by calling. It was a good move by Lee, with his starting hand being vastly superior to that of Lim.

However, with all four cards being live and with Lim’s hand being suited, Lee was not out the woods just yet. The Jack of spades, six of clubs and three of spades flop gave Lee more reason to be confident, as did the eight of diamonds on the turn. Unfortunately for Lee, things drastically changed on the river, when the five of spades showed up on the board, giving Lim a pair and emerging victorious in the process.

Lim’s victory is remarkable in that it is the first WSOP Asia Pacific event of the four that have taken place that has been won by an Aussie on home turf.  The winners of the first three events – Bryan Piccioli, Jim Collopy and the Tiger Woods of poker, Phil Ivey – all hail from the US. The victory is also significant for Lim as it puts his total live tournament winnings to over $1 million, $1,059,611 to be exact.

All eyes are now on the 390 player WSOP Main Event, which will cap off what has so far been a successful first WSOP Asia Pacific at Melbourne’s Crown Casino when it finishes on Monday, April 15.

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