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LAPT Brazil: Victor Sbrissa Leads the Way to Final Table

After four days and nearly 30 levels of play, the Main Event of LAPT Brazil has finally created the final nine players who will be competing for the title tonight. A total of 71 players returned yesterday and they all knew that there was no more room for calculations, as 63 of them would have to be eliminated. It was down to cards and to who wanted to get there more.

Many would fall on their way to the final nine, like the Red Spade Caio Pessagno, who made a deep run but his luck eventually ran out as he was sent to the rail in 26th. It was a pot in which Pessagno decided to three-bet preflop from the small blind and received a call from Andre Cuco. After the flop came #qs#jc#8s, Pessagno opted for an unusual line and checked. Andre then took the initiative and bet out, only to be met with an all-in raise from Pessagno. Cuco made a quick call, holding top two pair with #qd#js and he was well ahead of Caio’s #ac#qh. The board then ran #6s#3d and it was all she wrote for the Team Online player.

Pessagno’s colleague, however, had a much better day. Angel Guillen lost a big pot when his Aces got cracked by pocket Fives, but he wouldn’t stay down for long. Perhaps the most important pot of the tournament for him came when he made a call for his tournament life with only a pair of fours with the board reading #10c#7d#3d#4d#jd. Joao Simao was on a stone-cold bluff and fours were good to rake in nearly 1.7 million in chips.

The last elimination before the official final table was formed was that of Pedro Soares. Players were on the final table bubble for about one hour before the critical hand took place. Soares three-bet shoved from the small blind after looking down to find two red Kings. He received a call from Joaquin Matias Ruiz with #ad#10s and although Soares was looking good to double up, the Argentinean found an Ace on the flop to send him packing in 9th place and the official final table was known.

The man with the most to hope for is Victor Sbrissa as he will be starting today with a big chip advantage. The Brazilian will be returning with a stack of 9.3 million and his closest competitor is Ruiz,  who bagged 5.4 million chips. Third spot belongs to Mexico as Guillen is coming back with 3,790,000.

Fourth spot belongs to yet another Brazilian, Caio Hey, with 2.7 million. Hot on his heels is Portuguese player Andre Cuco, who ended the day with the stack of 2,490,000. Hailing from Argentina, Juan Pablo Franco has 1,840,000 to start the day. The final two spots belong to Brazilians, Gustav Lopes Vasco with 1.7 million and the short stack to start the final table, Alex Sako, nursing 1,480,000 in chips.

One of these eight will be crowned a champion tonight, taking home first place prize money of R$ 800,000. The first to bust today will still pocket R$ 75,530 – a decent return on investment. But coming anything short of first place is always disappointing in tournaments and especially so after making the final table, so it is the top spot all of these players will be aiming for. Unfortunately, that spot can only hold one player. Who will it be? 

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