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LAPT Brazil: Local Grinder Cassio Killes Bags the Chip Lead After Day 1A

Yesterday marked the start of the Main Event of the LAPT in Brazil. With a buy-in of R$3,910 + 440 and unlimited re-entries for the first seven levels, Day 1A of the tournament gathered a total of 481 entries. Of those hopefuls, 151 survived the day, while many of those who fell will probably be back at the tables tomorrow to try their luck again in Day 1B.

After ten levels of play, local grinder Cassio Killes emerged as the chip leader, bagging 244,300 at the end of the evening. During his trip to the biggest stack, Killes managed to eliminate one of the best-known names in the field when his pocket Aces ran over Nacho Barbero’s #as#qc.

Hot on his heels is another Brazilian, Marco Cheida, who bagged 229,600 when it was all said and done for the day. Cheida has a lot of experience under his belt, as he has been around for quite some time. Nicknamed ‘Chacal’ because of the small jackal figurine he uses as his card protector, this BSOP regular will not be cutting any slack to anyone at the tables once play resumes for Day 2.

There were also six Red Spades playing in the field today and half of them were eliminated, including Andre Akkari, Christian de Leon and Barbero. The other three, however, made it through the day and Leo Fernandez, Jorge Limon and Angel Guillen will all be bringing their chips back to the felt tomorrow.

Day 1B will be starting today and it will almost certainly generate an even bigger field, especially considering the fact that many of those who fell yesterday will be trying their luck once again. With that in mind, the overall field will probably surpass 1,000 entries and generate quite a prize pool to fight for.

Football star Ronaldo was also spotted hanging around the tournament area yesterday, but he did not sit down to play. It is still unknown if he will be registering today, but without a doubt, numerous fans would be delighted to see him with chips in front of him. One thing is certain – if he decides to play, Ronaldo will have a huge rail. After all, it is Brazil we are talking about here and while there is no lack of love for poker, football will always remain their number one love!

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