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LAPT Brazil: Juan Pablo Franco Leads the Remaining 71

When registration closed for the LAPT stop in Brazil this year, the 1,150 entries created the biggest spot of the Tour in history. After yesterday’s Day 2, of those 1,150 entries, only 71 players are still in with a shot at the title.

At the start of the day, 399 players took their seats at the tables and the first order of business was bursting the bubble. Once 167 players remained in the tournament, all of them would be guaranteed a payday. As that time was approaching, short stacks were biding their time, hoping that someone else would try to be a hero and double up, making their journey into the money as painless as possible. At the same time, those with big stacks were mostly bored as the game was slow and as it wasn’t their necks on the line, they just didn’t share in the excitement of the moment.

It was a really swingy day for Rogerio Pitta, who already had one foot out of the tournament earlier but caught a five-outer on the river to keep him alive. With one elimination away from the money, Pitta was once again short stacked and in the big blind. He had no option but to call off the little he had behind, especially since he found #jh#jd and was well ahead of Keiji Kimura’s #ad#6c. He made it safely through the flop, but then Kimura caught running sixes on the turn and river to award him the pot and send Pitta out in 168th position with nothing to show for it after a long day of poker.

The play then continued in normal fashion for about four hours until all ten levels scheduled for the day were completed. After the last minute of Level 10 ran out, it was Argentinean Juan Pablo Franco bagging the chip lead with 1,348,000 chips. The only other player who finished in seven-figure territory was Brazil’s own Andre Edson Coronel, who will be returning later tonight with 1,058,000.

Those who booked early busts today before reaching the money include two LAPT title holders, Nacho Barbero, Damian Salas, Walid Mubarak, and 2013 BSOP champion Fernando Groww. Then there were those who fared somewhat better, making it in the money, but who will not be returning tomorrow either, including Day 1B chip leader Anderson Kim, as well as Team Pro Leo Fernandez.

The only two Red Spades still in the field are Angel Guillen and Caio Pessagno. They will be joining the other survivors today to play down until the final table is formed. With everyone now being in the money, all the remaining players have their eyes on the trophy and the first place prize of R$ 800,000. By the end of Day 3, we will know the names of those with a shot at the title, and one day after that only one name will really be important – that of the champion!

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