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Keven Stammen Is the 2014 WPT World Champion

Big stack bully they say. After finishing strong in Day 4 of the WPT World Championship, Keven Stammen didn’t want to look back and bullied his way into the official six-handed final table, winning the World Poker Tour season finale plus a seven-figure cash prize of $1,350,000.

He used his big stack to his advantage, blowing players off of pots, showing nut hands, and eliminating his opponents right when it mattered most.

Stammen started the fifth and final day of the major event as the only player with 100 big blinds and more. At the other end, Ryan D’Angelo had a 24-blind stack while WPT Caribbean winner and Raw Deal TV host Tony Dunst had to work with 26 big blinds. Between them sat the middle stacks – Byron Kaverman (81 BB), Abe Korotki (51 BB), and Curt Kohlberg (31 BB).

The final table action kicked off in style with D’Angelo doubling up after just nine hands. He open-raised from under the gun and snap-called Korotki’s big three-bet for his tournament life with #kd#kh. Korotki held #as#qs and managed to catch an ace on the flop. But the river was ruthless and brought the #kc.

Severely crippled, Korotki didn’t last long and was soon sent off the green poker felt. He did the same move, three-betting all-in an open-raise from D’Angelo. D’Angelo snap-called once more with #as#js and was in great shape after Korotki revealed #ac#7s. The #10c#8c#4s#3h#jh board sealed the deal and eliminated Abe in sixth place.

Knowing he had to win the big pots in order to remain in the lead, Stammen took charge and increased his stack even more. In two of those big pots, the Ohio-based player took D’Angelo to value town with his made nut flushes.

Eventually, the Vegas resident couldn’t withstand the pressure and left the final table. But before he was sent to the rail in fourth place, Kohlberg lost a vital race, #kd#jd vs. #6d#6h, to finish the event in fifth spot.

Six hands later and D’Angelo was out too, making a desperate move with his last seven big blinds and shoving #9h#5c. Kaverman decided to gamble and called with #qs#2c to win the hand.

Dunst followed them moments later, leaving Stammen and Kaverman fighting for the WPT Champions trophy. He moved all-in from the button with #ac#2h and was called by Stammen, who had #kh#6h. The flop brought a second king on the table and was good enough for the future champ to take the whole pot.

Heads-up play lasted over two hours and was highlighted by a big 3-million-chip pot.

“This is a messed up hand. Either I call it off and look like an idiot, or I look pretty smart,” Kaverman said after his opponent made a quick all-in move. The board was showing #qc#9h#7h#ah and Kaverman didn’t know what to make of this move. Previously, on the flop, he check-raised and was fairly surprised to see that Stammen actually called.

“You can’t expect me to be folding right?” the tanker continued, according to WPT Blog. “What do you have? What…do…you…have?” And after 10 minutes of deep thinking, Kaverman folded his hand, leaving himself with only 2.5 million chips to work with.

Nineteen hands later, Stammen was the only player at the table with chips in front of him. The last hand was a race classic – #ac#8s > #4d#4s.

Here are the final payouts:

  1. Keven Stammen – $1,350,000
  2. Byron Kaverman – $727,860
  3. Tony Dunst – $452,729
  4. Ryan D’Angelo – $363,930
  5. Curt Kohlberg – $286,292
  6. Abe Korotki – $235,341

Congratulation to Keven Stammen on his impressive two-day run. Along with the big prize, he also won a pair of gold Monster 24K headphones, a Hublot King Power Unico watch, and a place on the exclusive list engraved on the WPT Champions Cup.

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