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Josephy Wins Second WSOP Gold Bracelet

Cliff Josephy has taken out the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout event at the WSOP, winning the second WSOP Gold Bracelet of his career along with $299,486.

There were ten players left on the final day of play before eventual runner up Evan Silverstein made it nine when he knocked Bulgarian Simeon Naydenov out in tenth place. Ryan Hughes was the one eliminated in ninth spot after his Pocket Fours were beaten by David Baker’s Ace Jack after he hit another Jack on the turn.

Chris Klodnicki’s Pocket Jacks were not strong enough to keep him in the event after Josephy’s Ace Queen hit another Queen on the flop. Another Ace then came on the turn, putting an explanation mark on Josephy’s win and confirming Klodnicki’s elimination in eighth place.

Josephy then went to claim his second scalp in a row as he eliminated Max Steinberg from the event. The New Yorker, who had Pocket Sixes, flopped a set en route to knocking Steinberg out in seventh spot.

Steven Silverman gave his stack a major boost after he eliminated Baker in sixth place. Silverman’s Pocket Aces held on the board to win the hand and increase his stack to just under one million chips.

It only took another four hands of play for Italian player Alessandro Longobardi to be knocked out of the tournament. Longobardi’s Ace King off suit was beaten by Josephy’s Ten Eight suited after it hit a Two Pair on the turn, which turned into a full house on the river.

In what was a time when players were falling like dominos, Tim West was eliminated four hands after Longobardi’s departure from the event. West moved all in for 320,000 before the flop, which was called by the chip leader before West showed Pocket Sixes and Josephy showed Pocket Jacks. The Jacks held and West was sent packing in fourth place.

It was a battle of the Silvers on Hand #171 when Silverstein and Silverman engaged in a show down against one another. Silverman’s Ace Queen of Diamonds outkicked Silverstein’s Ace Ten off suit, but that had little relevance after the flop.

Despite being outkicked, Silverstein hit a pair of Tens on the flop after the Ten of Spades was turned. The Two of Hearts on the turn and the Seven of Spades on the river did not help Silverman and he was eliminated from the event in third place. This left Josephy and Silverstein in heads-up play.

In the last hand of the tournament, Silverstein reraised Josephy all in pre flop, which the eventual winner promptly called. Silverstein, who had King Ten off suit, was behind Josephy and his Ace Two off suit before the board was shown.

This remained the case after the flop came Three of Hearts, Queen of Hearts and Jack of Hearts, but Silverstein picked up a number of outs, including an open ended straight draw, a flush draw and potential pairs. The Three of Diamonds on the turn was not what Silverstein was looking for and nor was the Five of Clubs that was turned on the river and he was eliminated in second place.

The WSOP Gold Bracelet Josephy won at this event is the New Yorker’s second; he also won a bracelet in the $1,500 Seven-Card Stud event at the 2005 WSOP.

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