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Jose Girah Macedo Turns Cleaning Prodigy

The story of Portuguese ‘poker prodigy’ Jose ‘Girah’ Macedo has been one that had taken up front pages of all the poker news portals and Internet forums several years ago. The incredible talent and unreal insight the young player seemingly had for the game, together with endorsements from a couple of pros, left the entire community in awe. Not long after, however, the entire story turned out to be a sham, set up to steal money from fellow poker players.

The jig was up and shortly after, ‘Girah’ was scorned by the community, lost his sponsorship deal with Lock Poker, and pretty much disappeared from the public view. Until this morning that is, as today’s news is filled with reports about his latest endeavor which, surprise-surprise, has nothing to do with poker.

After clearly realizing that there was no more money in poker to be taken, Macedo turned to a different kind of activity, starting up his own cleaning service.

We have started by cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms on the university campus. In only three months, we have managed to clean over 1,000 rooms. At the moment, we have many clients and we employ seven people, first we extended the service to kitchens within the campus and then also to apartments off of the campus.

Apparently, ‘Girah’ has been able to do quite well for himself after leaving poker, as his newly found business enterprise has netted him €240,000 during the last three months. It would appear that he managed to gain the trust and respect of both the students and the staff at the University of Lancaster and is now doing things by the book.

“It is not unusual to have students with good ideas. But what these guys have done more than anything else and more than anyone else, is to win the trust of their activities across the campus. ” Joe Born, professor at the University

It would seem that Macedo successfully avoided the bad karma everyone figured was headed his way after tricking people into playing against the ‘huge fish’ and letting him observe the cards in real time via Skype. When things were revealed later, it turned out that ‘Girah’ himself was the huge fish and that he was playing against the unwitting opponents while being able to see their hole cards.

It is safe to say that many of those who lost money due to cheating as well as those who followed the story back when it happened will not be thrilled to see he is doing well in life once again. It doesn’t seem fair on so many levels, but then again, no one ever said that life, much like poker, is always fair. If we were to try and put a positive spin on the situation, we could say that it is good to see he has at least turned to a legit business and perhaps finally realized that making money through stealing and cheating people is not the right way to go. Good on him!

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