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Jean Robert Bellande: Broke Living and Playing One Drop

Just a couple of days ago, Jean Robert Bellande posted a picture of himself registering with a ‘cool million’ for the Big One for One Drop tournament scheduled to take place during this year’s WSOP in Vegas. Needless to say, it was quite a surprise from a guy whose nickname is ‘Broke Living.’ In an interview with Bluff Europe, he talked a bit about his participation in the One Drop and how things have been going for him lately in general.

JRB explained that he finally managed to gather investors interested in buying up a decent part of his action and this put him in a position to play the Big One. Although he wouldn’t disclose the exact numbers, Bellande admits that he has less than 30% of himself in the event. It is normal for people to be surprised with this most recent development, but he feels real good about his chances in the tournament.

I play poker a little bit better than most people think I do. But more importantly, I know how to play against fellow pros, AND I know how to play against business guys. In the cash games I play against both groups all the time. There’s a difference – you can’t play against the two the same, and I’m somebody who understands that difference. I think that’s going to give me an edge.

JRB has also revealed some details about his participation in the games at Dan Bilzerian’s house. Things have apparently been going quite well for him there and he managed to even put some money aside, so no ‘broke living’ for him any more, not for a little while at least.

He also said he was staked by Bilzerian for a while, but Dan pulled out after being down about $1 million.

Despite his enthusiasm for the One Drop tournament, Bellande is realistic when talking about players he would rather avoid, if possible, and these names include Brian Rast, Andrew Robl, Scott Seiver and Antonio Esfandiari. It only shows that, despite his sometimes carefree outlook, he is well aware that tangling with the best in the game is always a challenging task.

Staying true to his persona, JRB admits that if he should happen to win in the One Drop, he would probably pump that money right back into the poker ecosystem. He probably didn’t come to be known as ‘Broke Living’ by using a careful and conservative approach to his finances, and he has no problems admitting that’s not about to change:

That’s probably why so many of the pros are rooting for me! I assure you, if I did win then that money would be going straight back in action. That money’s not going to Australia or anywhere else, it’s going to be right here in the community, ready for action.

JRB also tried to explain that the whole ‘broke living’ thing is not that much about actually being broke, but it is more about constantly being in and out of broke. It is simply his lifestyle and he loves sharing it with anyone who cares to know. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that Jean Robert Bellande is one colorful and interesting persona – no wonder him and Bilzerian just ‘clicked’ despite the fact that one is doing the ‘broke living’ while the other is more into the whole ‘rich living’ type of deal.

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