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Jared “dareyou2call” Jaffee wins WPT Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event

The poker gods smiled on American poker pro Jared Jaffee at the sixth major live final table of his career. The last river card of the WPT Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event helped him eliminate his last opponent although he was a huge underdog to win the hand.

Jaffee admitted that the last hand had seriously shaken his confidence in winning the first major live tournament of his career. It was just the 99th hand of the day and the pro had a solid 2-to-1 chip advantage. He had started the six-handed final table with a huge chip lead and was in front pretty much the whole time.

His heads-up opponent, Blake Purvis, open-raised 2.5x and Jaffee called with four-deuce suited. The flop brought the chip leader a flush draw so he immediately check-raised a continuation bet from his opponent. Purvis quickly re-raised all-in and Jaffee knew that he had to call because of the pot odds, although he was clearly dominated. Purvis showed the bullets and Jaffee had only about a 28% chance to win the pot. The turn bricked leaving the pro with a slim 18%. But the river turned the odds upside down to end the tournament.

“I felt pretty good all day. I was hoping of getting heads-up and have a bit of a chip-lead but we were pretty much neck in neck there so I didn’t love that. I thought that if the cards worked out for me, then I wouldn’t have much of a problem,” the winner told

Jaffee had previously qualified to four WPT or WSOP final tables, but he was never able to be the last player standing. Until Jacksonville! However, he DID win 2 minor events, including the 2013 Aria Poker Classic Championship. With the $252,749 won in Florida, the American pro has now $1,365,216 in live tournament winnings throughout his career, according to

Jaffee is also a successful online poker player; he playes on PokerStars under the nickname “dareyou2call” and used to also play on Full Tilt prior to Black Friday. So far, he has won $811,768 by playing online MTTs, as reported by PocketFives. He managed to win the the Nightly Hundred Grand tournament on PokerStars twice in 2008.

What are his plans after the biggest cash of his career? “I’m just going to keep playing and try to win another one,” dareyou2call responded.

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