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Jake Schindler wins battle of all-ins and captures the PCA High Roller trophy

The US wasn’t about to give up and just watch Germany dominate the High Roller events. The Americans made a strong comeback and also a strong statement, dominating the last day of the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) $25,000 High Roller.

Half of the remaining field was American and only two were Germans, who happen to be two of the best who have taken high stakes live tournaments by storm in the last few years: Marvin Rettenmaier and Ole Schemion. At the PCA, however, they couldn’t stop the Americans. But the Germans were still able to reach the final table and finish in front of big names like Daniel Negreanu (14th) and Dan Smith (13th).

Rettenmaier was the first German out, finishing ninth and cashing $130,720 after a lost flip. He held pocket Eights and was a small dog pre-flop against Greg Merson’s Ace-Ten with the flop securing Merson’s victory. Left alone, Schemion couldn’t withstand the American pressure and busted out in seventh place. Robert Mizrachi drew first blood by going all-in with pocket Kings. The German decided to stay in the mix, but his pocket Nines were heavily dominated. A little while later, Schemion got his last chips in the middle with top pair, while Jake Schindler took a chance and called with a monster draw. The American rivered the flush and sent the German to the rail with yet another six-figure win: $216,040. Five days ago, Schemion finished seventh in the PCA Super High Roller event, cashing $277,080.

Shortstacker Aleksandr Denisov was the next player out followed by Mizrachi. Mizrachi was all-in with King-Jack and had to win a race against Vanessa Selbst and her pocket Eights. Selbst eventually dodged the Kings and Jacks and busted Mizrachi in fifth place. Mustapha Kanit was the last non-American left in the tournament, only to finish in fourth spot and win $492,600.

Although she was the chipleader when three-handed play started, Selbst lost two major pots and finished third. She also finished third in the Super High Roller and combined with her latest High Roller cash plus the PCA Main Event, Selbst won over $1.4 million in the last eight days.

The heads-up play was surprisingly short. Both Schindler and Merson agreed to make a deal and left only $200,000 to play for. After the deal, it was all about getting all-in blindly. “I didn’t get into poker to win trophies,” Merson said, according to PokerStars Blog. He started the all-in battle and eventually Schindler took on the challenge and also the trophy. “That was his idea. At first I was just going to wait with a good hand to call with, like Queen-Seven plus. I didn’t feel like waiting any more so just went in with him,” the winner explained after the final King-Ten versus Nine-Four showdown.

Along with the trophy, Schindler won total prize money of $1,192,624 and a Swiss watch from Slyde worth $17,500. Runner-up Merson won $948,996.

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