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Jackie Glazier Captures First Bracelet at WSOPE Ladies Event

Jackie Glazier’s career has been dotted with near misses at big wins and that career-defining win had eluded her despite many deep runs in big events. Going into  the second and final day of the World Series of Poker Europe Ladies Event, she hoped to change all that and finally take home a big win and a great honor. After 109 hands at the final table and nearly 40 hands heads-up, Glazier did complete that accomplishment and was crowned the winner of the inaugural 2013 WSOPE Ladies Event. For her efforts, Glazier takes home her first WSOP bracelet and perhaps more importantly, €21,850!

The day began needing to play down to seven players, which would mark the money bubble. The rather odd, but unfortunate honor of final tablist/money bubble-girl went to Anais Lerouge, who was eliminated just 10 hands into the final table. Just squeaking into the money was Gaelle Baumann of France, who many will remember as a Main Event Final Table bubbler two years ago. The final seven players also featured four other French nationals, an American, and Jackie Glazier, who represented the great country of Australia. The action was fast and furious and only 69 hands were needed to get from eight players down to just two.

The final two players left standing could not be any more opposite than what these two ladies were. As the underdog in both expectations and chips, you had Maryline Valente of France, who had never cashed in a WSOP event. On the other side, you had Jackie Glazier of Australia, a member of Team Ivey, and a prolific career that features nearly $1.2 million in tournament cashes and a WSOP final table to her credit. Glazier is known as one of the better women players in the world and also has the distinction of being the last woman standing in the 2013 WSOP Main Event.

Despite Glazier’s experience, the match was not a foregone conclusion. Valente played exceptionally aggressively and the chip lead traded hands numerous times. Valente was trying to make the game as quick and easy as possible in hopes of minimizing the Glazier’s skill edge, going all-in many times and over-betting the pot in spots that we are not used to seeing. That aggressive style finally backfired on Valente on the final hand.

Glazier raised to 2.5k and Valente raised all-in for about 90k. This kind of raise wasn’t unprecedented for this match and Glazier snap called. When the hands were tabled, Glazier had the best of it with a pair of jacks and Valente was left drawing very thin with only a pair of sixes. She couldn’t hit a six on the board and was eliminated in 2nd place. Valente played a smart match considering what she was up against, but she just couldn’t get enough breaks to take the victory home for France.

For Glazier, this bracelet marks her finest win, even if the prize wasn’t that large. Many people had questioned her inclusion on Team Ivey and said that she became a member because she was a woman and her accomplishments didn’t warrant her being named to the impressive roster. Now she has a WSOP bracelet to go along with another WSOP final table. Her accomplishments might still be behind some members of Team Ivey, but she is quickly catching up.

With the awarding of this bracelet, the WSOPE is officially underway and is the place to keep informed on all the action happening in France!  The re-entry event got underway today and tomorrow a Pot-Limit Omaha event begins, so there will be more action and more bracelets awarded very soon.

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