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Phil Ivey’s new website announced the acquisition of the poker training website LeggoPoker that will serve as the backbone of a subscription-based coaching product featuring the best pro players that will be known as the Ivey League.

“In my opinion, LeggoPoker is one of the best teaching sites on the market,” Ivey said. “They are a great match with IveyPoker and together we will offer a top-notch educational poker destination in Ivey League.”

LeggoPoker is a highly reputable and established training site geared toward explaining poker strategy through the use of instructional videos. Three of its pro coaches, Aaron Jones, Andrew Lichtenberger and Dan Smith, recently signed on at Ivey has been hand-picking a wide array of coaches from countries around the world with the goal of teaching “the world how to play better poker.”

With the purchase of LeggoPoker, is getting nearer to launching its much-anticipated free-play social and mobile poker game. The site is designed to offer “a suite of innovative poker products and services designed to both entertain and educate poker players of all levels,” states. The format appears to be structured as initially offering free instruction to players. But once players have improved their game and require more advanced training, a subscription will be required to learn from upper tiers of pros.

In a blog post bidding farewell to LeggoPoker, owner Aaron Jones was excited to be embarking on a new era of coaching at IveyPoker. He estimates that the Ivey League will launch over the summer and that Ivey’s plan is “to make a comprehensive poker network with his name attached” in which he personally prioritizes the training.

While the cost of a LeggoPoker subscription was $30 a month, Jones anticipates that will change at IveyPoker and players can expect tiered levels of pricing dependent on their level of play and the training videos provided at those levels.



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