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Ivan 'vandir4rek' Soshnikov Takes Down SCOOP 2014 Main Event

With a buy-in of $10,300, the Main Event of SCOOP is without a doubt a very attractive prospect for online and live tournament grinders alike. Playing for hundreds of thousands from the safety and comfort of your very own home is by no means an everyday event. If you get to walk away with over a million bucks, that’s obviously even better.

And that is exactly what Ivan ‘vandi4rek’ Soshnikov managed to pull off last night after coming out on top of the record SCOOP Main Event field of 657 players. The turnout meant that the guaranteed prize pool of $3 million was more than doubled and the winner would walk away with more than a million, $1,048,000 to be precise (after the deal).

The tournament unfolded as a two-day event with late registration open for four hours. After the registration button turned grey, the official number of players to make the money was 81. Not surprisingly, the tournament saw many big names take their virtual seats, amongst them Ike Haxton, who finished just short of tasting the money, and Will ‘molswi47’ Molson, whose only achievement for this SCOOP ME will be the title of bubble boy.

Day 1 finished with 60 players still in the hunt and the super-strong remaining field promised a very exciting endgame. Both Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier and Eugene ‘E. Katchalov’ Katchalov made it to Day 2, although ‘ElkY’ didn’t last long and finished 45th.

Others were to follow. Ben ‘Benba’ Lamb hit the rail in 40th place, Calvin ‘cal42688’ Anderson ended the race in 24th, and after Katchalov exited in 19th, play was down to two tables. Among those who came so close were Ludovic ‘ludovi333’ Geilich (16th), Rens ‘Rens02’ Fenestra (13th), and Reed ‘CalBears123’ Goodmiller in 10th. After some six hours of play into Day 2, it was final table time!

‘Sat1337en’ from Sweden, who came in second shortest in chips, was first to go ($98,555), followed by the Mexican Santiago ‘sanpri’ Nadal, who finished 8th ($147,825). ‘VVVILELAAA’ from Brazil started the final table as the shortest stack and after outliving two players, it was his turn to go ($213,525). After this elimination, the remaining six started considering a deal, but Ben ‘NeverScaredB’ Wilinofsky put an end to that discussion as he wanted to play for all the marbles.

Soon after, however, Wilinofsky ($279,225) was eliminated in 6th place at the hands of Phill ‘Grindation’ Mcallister, who apparently couldn’t find good use for NeverScaredB’s chips as he followed him to the rail in 5th ($350,838), giving up his chips to Soshnikov.

Fourth place went to Martin ‘M.nosbocaJ’ Jacobson ($499,320), who also fell at the hands of Soshnikov. With his elimination, players were back to the drawing board in trying to reach a deal. There was a lot of back and forth with Soshnikov sticking to a now somewhat legendary ‘I want million’ statement from another SCOOP final table. Eventually, an agreement was reached with the following payouts:

Ivan ‘vandir4rek’ Soshnikov – $988,000

‘Better C4ll’ – $890,820

Peter ‘Se7enTr3y’ Akery – $860,000

It wasn’t all over just yet, as there was still the SCOOP title and $60,000 hanging in the balance for the winner. ‘Better C4ll’ wouldn’t hang around for long, as he was eliminated just two hands after the deal was made when his pocket Tens were no match for Soshnikov’s Ladies.

It was now down to Ivan Soshnikov and Peter Akery and neither was willing to let go easily, especially Akery, who was facing a 3.5:1 chip deficit. But after about one hour of play, ‘Se7enTr3y’ ran out of luck and his #kh#9h could not outrun the #ad#6h of ‘vandir4rek.’ After adding the extra $60,000 to the deal amount, Soshinkov got to walk away with a million in the end. Nothing else to say but – good game, well played!

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