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Ian Simpson Ships Irish Open...

Action in the Irish Open 2013 finished yesterday at the Burlington Hotel from Ireland. After a couple of days of thrilling action at the tables,Ian Simpson, 4th place finisher in this event in 2012, took the poker world under his arm by taking down the Main Event title and winning €265.000 in the process. However, that was nothing compared to the “YES!” his Girlfriend gave him seconds after winning when he asked her to marry him.

From the eight players who started the final table, the first one to go home was Adam Fallon, after he decided to jeopardize his stack with AJs against the dominating AK of Michael Farrelly.

7th Place was for Tom Brady, who receive two callers after pushing his shortstack to the middle of the table. His two opponents checked it all the way as the board came A5KT7. Brady held 6 high with his unsuited 63 and could not beat the top pair of Namir Mohamed.

A couple of hands later, Declan Connolly found a perfect spot to gain a huge chip lead when he got it in preflop with AA against Farrelly who was holding AJs. However, a runner-runner flush delivered the bad beat and consequently Connolly’s stack was crippled. He busted the next hand after his 97o was not able to beat Simpson’s pocket Jacks

The next player eliminated was Calvin Anderson, who in a blinds war ended all in preflop with Q5o against 33 (quiet a sick flip, huh?), but couldn’t connect with one of his “infinite” outs on the river after the board was KJTK. He took home a healthy prize for 5th place finish. Anderson also earned €60.000 for the “Sole Survivor” prize, which was awarded to the best online qualifier performance.

After several hands, Simpson and Mohamed had a preflop battle that resulted in a coin flip situation. Mohamed was at risk with AQ against Simpson’s TT. Five low cards hit the felt and Mohamed was out in 4th Place.

3rd Place finisher was Mark David, who managed to make it this far after starting the final table with the second smallest stack. In his last hand, he decided to 4bet shove A7s and after some deliberation, Simpson called with 77. No miracles this time, and the heads-up play was ready to start!

Simpson was able to take the title in a matter of 3 hands. On a flop of Q65 rainbow, Farrelly decided to bet, Simpson raised, Farrelly shoved, and Simpson called. The two opponents flipped over the hands. Simpson found out that he was dominated by 7 High!

Farrelly: 74
Simpson: 43s

The flop brought an open ended straight draw for both players. The Turn was the 8 of Diamonds, completing Farrelly’s straight but giving Simpson a Flush Draw. A two of diamonds fell on the river to give Simpson the win. Michael Farrelly was delegated to  2nd Place and Ian Simpson was crowned as the Irish Open 2013 Champion!

Seconds after this, Simpson got down to his knee and asked his Girlfriend Emma to marry him. She said YES!

Final Positions:

1st Place – Ian Simpson, €265.000
2nd Place – Michael Farrelly, €141.500
3rd Place – Mark Davis, €99.000
4th Place – Namir Mohamed, €67.500
5th Place – Calvin Anderson, €49.000
6th Place – Declan Connolly, €37.500
7th Place – Tom Brady, €28.000
8th Place – Adam Fallon, €20.500

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