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Hutchinson Wins UKIPT Edinburgh

Dean Hutchinson is this year’s winner of the UKIPT Edinburgh.

He took out the event last night in the Scottish city after a stellar performance and took home £93,900 (around US$154,185) as a result. Hutchinson beat a field of 427 to win the event and came from behind in heads-up play before ultimately claiming the top prize.

Eight players made it to the final day of play, but that quickly went down as Liv Boeree got off to an extremely strong start. She eliminated Irish player Ciaran Heaney in eighth spot shortly after the last day officially began.

Both players went about a showdown – Heaney had Ace-Ten offsuit while Boeree had pocket Queens. The Queens held on the board to put the event down to seven players.

Boeree claimed her second straight final table scalp soon after as she eliminated Michael Kane from the event. Kane went all-in with Queen-Jack of Spades and was called by Boeree and her Ace-Queen offsuit. Boeree’s better starting hand held on the board to knock Kane out of the final table in seventh place.

Jacobus Visser was Boeree’s third straight scalp of the final table. Visser, who was short-stacked, moved all-in with Nine-Six of Spades and was called by Boeree, who had Ace-Seven offsuit. Visser did not get any help on the board and had to settle for sixth place in the event.

Hutchinson came alive not long after Visser’s elimination as he took Tomasz Raniszewski out in fifth place. Raniszewski went all-in pre-flop with pocket Threes and was called by the eventual winner, who had Ace-Queen offsuit. A Queen came on the flop, which was enough to give Hutchinson the hand and put the event down to its last four players.

Fourth place went to Eldon Orr after he was eliminated by Boeree. Orr went all-in with Ace-King offsuit and was called by Boeree, who had pocket Eights. The Eights held on the board and Orr was knocked out of the event.

Boeree then went on to claim her fifth final table scalp after she eliminated former chip leader Jason Beazley in third spot. Beazley was all-in with pocket Tens while Boeree had Ace-King of Hearts.

Unfortunately for Beazley, an Ace came on the flop and he was left needing something major on the turn or river to survive. It did not happen, as another Ace came on the river to give Boeree three of a kind and end Beazley’s time in the event.

Beazley’s elimination left Boeree and Hutchinson in heads-up play, with Boeree holding a comfortable chip lead when play began. At first it appeared Boeree was headed for a comfortable victory as a few small wins had her holding close to a four to one chip lead over Hutchinson.

Hutchinson doubled up, however, which heralded the start of a surge that eventually ended in him winning. In the last hand of the event, Boeree went all-in with Five-Three of Clubs after hitting middle pair and an open ended straight draw on the flop.

She was called by Hutchinson, who flopped two pair with Six-Five offsuit. The King of Clubs on the turn gave Boeree a flush draw along with her straight draw, but neither of them came on the river as the Eight of Diamonds came out.

As a result, Boeree was eliminated from the event and Hutchinson was officially crowned the winner of the 2014 UKIPT Edinburgh.

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