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High Stakes Tournament Specialist Masaaki Kagawa Arrested for Scam

Masaaki Kagawa was one of eight people arrested for scamming nearly $3.9 million from people using malware through Android devices.  Kagawa is a high stakes tournament specialist and has played in some of the largest tournaments around the world, becoming a fixture in these games, despite his lack of success.

The software was installed on the device through an app and used the email addresses obtained through permissions to send invites for a fake dating website.  The fake dating website cost money to use, and needless to say it was rather successful at getting individuals to sign up.  It is speculated that the malware had been setup since September and only stopped when the IT offices of Kagawa’s company were raided.

Overall they were able to get 37 million email addresses from 810,000 devices.  Symantec was the company to bust the malware and has a blog post up explaining more about the operation and how much damage they managed to do in the time that they were operational.

There had been a lot of speculation about how Kagawa was able to afford to play in the all the events, because he didn’t have much success.  He has 1.5 million in tournament winnings, but his buy-ins far outnumber that number as he has played in the $100k and $250k high rollers the last few years all over the world.  He also played in the One Drop tournament at last year’s WSOP.

This story is still developing and it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days as more information comes out.

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