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Haxton Defeats Blom In Superstar Showdown

Under his “philivey2694” screen-name, Isaac Haxton would go to defeat Viktor “Isildur1” Blom for the second time in the Superstar Showdown.

The Superstar Showdown consists of 2500 hands on 4 tables that can be No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha. An online qualifier plays Blom at $5/$10, while any invited opponent or open challenger will face Isildur at $50/$100. Pokerstars would announce that this game would see the limits increase to $100/$200.

In the previous battle between the two, Haxton would win over $40,000. With the stakes raised, Haxton won with the slightest of margins, only $5093. The challenge would take two days to complete after Haxton was forced out 700 hands into the game due to Internet trouble. At this point, Haxton would have to win $99,000 to breakeven.

In the next 1800 hands, Haxton would take a lead in the showdown by $90000, before a turned-flush for Haxton would be crushed by the same card giving Blom a full house and putting it back to even.

Isildur will be playing Alexander “Kanu7” Miller, an English high-stakes cash game specialist, in the next Superstar Showdown. With the popularity across forums for this challenge and with Haxton believing that this would be a game finished by the stop-loss agreement, a second rematch seems likely.

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