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Hao Chen wins record-breaking Macau Millions

All eyes were set on Macau as the City of Dreams Casino was aiming to host the biggest Asian poker tournament in history. And after six long days, the record was in the books: 1,804 entries plus a total prize pool of HK$3,499,750 ($450,000). The previous record was set in 2011 in the same city, but with almost 500 less entries (1,329).

The format of the event was unique with six starting days and the option to re-enter as many times as one wished. It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t bust. If you wanted another shot to build an even bigger stack than the previous one, you could get that chance. At the end of the starting days, however, you would go into Day 2 with the largest stack of them all. The smaller stacks would be removed from the event and transformed into a decent HK$11,000 ($1,400) prize.

As opposed to the six starting days, Day 2 and Day 3 were fast-paced affairs. And one player who had entered the tourney in Day 1F and had started Day 2 with just 13 big blinds managed to control the action and win the 2014 Macau Millions. His name is Hao Chen from China. He’s been playing poker for five years and usually grinds the HK$50/HK$100 (around $6/$12) cash games, according to PokerStars Blog.

After just barely surviving the last starting day, he never looked back in Day 2, accumulating chip after chip to eventually start the final table with the largest stack. Chen waited patiently as the smaller stacks went to war and entered the action when it mattered most. He eliminated Chul Woo Jung, who tried a check/raise all-in bluff on a wet flop. Jung finished the event in sixth place, cashing in HK$105,000 ($13,500). 

With almost half of the chips in play, Chen played the waiting game once more as Hong Kong’s Ping Cheong Fung and Taiwan’s Chia Wei Tsui busted out to cash in HK$135,000 ($17,400) and HK$190,000 ($24,500), respectively.

Three-handed play lasted only 10 minutes as the first ever Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event champ, Hong Kong’s Kenneth Leong, hit the rail with HK$270,000 ($34,760) after losing the largest pot of the tournament. He raised the button and called Chen’s three-bet. After massive action on the flop and turn, Leong snap-called the river shove thinking he had trips. However, he did not, he had only two small pair, while the Chinese had an overpair in his hand to make two higher pair.

Rookie Sheng Chang was Chen’s final victim. The winner flopped a straight and caught his opponent with two pair after moving all-in on the turn. The river changed nothing with Chang finishing second for HK$400,000 ($51,500).

Hao Chen won HK$550,000 ($70,815) along with the 2014 Macau Millions title.

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