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Gutierrez Wins LAPT Colombia Main Event

Quietly, a few thousand kilometres south of Vegas, where the poker world’s eyes are currently fixated on the WSOP, the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Colombia Main Event was being played.

After it was all said and done, Colombian player Weider Gutierrez was crowned as the Main Event’s winner and took home 165,244,000 Colombian Pesos (around US$87,000) for his stellar play. A total of 629 players took to the felt at the Casino Allegre in the city of Medellin for the four-day long event.  

Argentinian Juan Manual Pastor (not to be confused with Spanish player Juan Manuel Pastor) was the first to be eliminated from the final table. He went all in with Pocket Tens, but was reduced to less than two big blinds after Miguel Moscoso called with Pocket Kings. He was eliminated just a few hands later after his opponent beat him with, wait for it, Pocket Kings.

Mayu Roca was the next player to go after his Ace High was unable to crack Moscoso’s Pocket Threes. Roca’s elimination was followed a short time later by Pablo Luzardo, whose Ace High was beaten by Miguel Velasco’s flush, which he hit on the river.

Moscoso would then go on to claim his third final table scalp when he knocked Alejandro Arrubarrena out of the Main Event in fifth place. Arrubarrena, who had Ace King, went all in against Moscoso’s Pocket Eights, and was sent packing after he was unable to get a pair on the board.

The ‘Miguels’ continued their trait of final table knock outs when Velasco eliminated Christian de Leon in fourth spot. De Leon shoved all in pre flop with Queen Ten off suit, which Velasco called with Pocket Nines. The Nines were able to hold on the board which heralded the end of the tourney for de Leon.

Although they spent the entire final table knocking players out, the Miguels would soon go up against each other in a showdown that determined which one of them ended up in heads-up play. Moscoso went all in before the flop with King Five of Clubs, which was called by Velasco.

It looked like Velasco would win the hand and get a nice chip up when he showed Pocket Aces, but he received a scare after two Clubs came on the flop. Despite this, Velasco remained in the lead and this remained the case on the turn when the Seven of Spades was shown. The Eight of Clubs on the river, however, gave Moscoso a flush and eliminated Velasco in third place.

The chip lead seesawed in heads-up play, but it was Gutierrez who reigned supreme. The final hand of the tournament saw a flop of Six of Hearts, Seven of Hearts and Two of Clubs, which was checked by both players. The Five of Spades on the turn led to a raise and reraise before Moscoso went all in, a move promptly called by the soon-to-be winner.

Moscoso showed Four Three off suit for a straight, while Gutierrez showed Eight Nine of Clubs for the higher straight, which won him the hand and made him the LAPT Colombia Main Event winner.

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