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Gus Hansen in Vienna: You Don't Need to Play for Millions All the Time

PokerTube’s own Rikard caught up with the Great Dane during Day 3 of EPT Vienna. Gus Hansen was in a good mood after having a good day at the tables and he shared his thoughts on his table antics, how the online games have been going for him, his plans for the WSOP, and what is going on in his personal life.

We all know Gus as a chatty guy at the tables, and he explains it has nothing to do with tactics.

You can always be nice and chat to people and I think a lot of people actually enjoys it. If people are up for it, I am always up for the chat.

It doesn’t have much to do with the fact that he is a sponsored Full Tilt player, but it’s more a part of who he is.

On the topic of Full Tilt and cash games, Hansen was very forthcoming. Things are clearly not working that well for him so he is considering his options, including the idea of moving down for a bit.

I need to make some changes. I’ve been trying along the way to be a little more focused, improve on my game, but it definitely hasn’t been enough. I’m actually thinking about taking a short break, maybe playing a little smaller stakes. You don’t need to play for millions all the time.

It is clear from these statements, and Gus acknowledges it himself, that his confidence hasn’t been very high lately.

For those wondering, Gus explains that he clearly has some other lines of income, including playing Backgammon. He’s been doing well, but he is in no position where he can lose millions day in and day out and feels that he definitely needs a break from online losing, although he still believes he can turn it around somehow.

Apart from the standard variations of poker, Gus Hansen admits to enjoying different variations of Chinese poker, as well as any other card and board games like Gin Rummy, Chess, Bridge, etc.

His future plans include EPT in Monaco and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. As for the One Drop tournament, Gus says he is about 50-50 to play it. He did mention that his participation might depend on how well he does in Vienna. Unfortunately, Hansen was eliminated during Day 3 shortly after getting into the money, so hopefully this won’t influence his plans too much.

For those who didn’t know, Hansen is a big fan of racketlon – a racket competition involving badminton, table tennis, squash and tennis. As of late, however, he’s been playing a lot of poker and didn’t have much time to practice apart from squash. He is planning on playing the first international tournament in Denmark as well as the World Championship in August. Gus hopes he will get some time to practice for the championship with his friends during his stay in Las Vegas for the WSOP.

On a personal plan, Gus says he is still single and plans on staying single.

One should never say never. Maybe you need someone and maybe you don’t. But I am not infatuated with finding someone, settling down… That doesn’t necessarily appeal to me as it does to a lot of people, about seven billion of them or something like that.

He enjoys his freedom, travelling around without too much planning ahead.

Hansen is also contemplating moving back to Denmark after living in Monte Carlo for eleven years. He opened a squash club in Denmark to make his ties to his home country even stronger and if he moves back home, it is possible that he won’t be travelling around the circuit as much and might consider settling down at that point. But as things stand right now, he likes being single and free.

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