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Gruissem Wins WPT Alpha8 St. Kitts Event

He took out the WPT Alpha8 London event last month and now Philipp Gruissem has made it two for two after also winning the WPT Alpha8 St. Kitts late last night.

The back-to-back wins are a continuation of what has been a great year for the German, who has won over $2.8 million in the last month alone. He won $1,086,400 while beating a field of 28 entries (23 players and five rebuys) in the St. Kitts event.

Competition was fierce when the final table got underway as only the top five spots would be in the money. It took over two hours for the first player of the final table to be eliminated, which was Fabian Quoss, whose pocket Tens were no match for Isaac Haxton’s pocket Nines.   

That win was of little help to Haxton, who was the next player to be knocked out of the event. It came after he went all-in with pocket Jacks after a flop against Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald. But the Jacks did not win that time around as McDonald had a set of Sixes to win the hand.

The bubble of the event went to Timothy Adams, who was also eliminated by McDonald after his Ace-King was enough to win the hand. Scott Seiver was then knocked out just two hands after Adams’ elimination. It came as he went all-in on the river and was called by Gruissem, who had a full house to win the hand and put the tournament down to four players.

McDonald then claimed his third scalp of the final table after he knocked Jason Koon out in fourth place. Koon went all-in pre-flop with Ace-King and was called by McDonald, who had pocket Nines. The Nines held on the board to win him the hand.

Despite the three big knockouts, McDonald had to settle for third place after he and the other two players refused to give up their spot without a fight. Timex went all-in pre-flop with pocket Deuces and was called by Tom Macdonald, who had Ace-Seven of Spades. Macdonald hit a pair of Sevens on the flop and Timex was eliminated from the event after the turn and river didn’t help him.

McDonald’s elimination put Gruissem and Macdonald in heads-up play, with the German holding a 581,000 chip lead over Macdonald when play began. Gruissem gradually increased his lead with a few small wins, but a big double for Macdonald lowered his lead once again.

It was futile, however, as Gruissem went back to increasing his lead with small wins before he eventually went in for the kill to win the tournament. In the last hand of the event, Gruissem went all-in pre-flop with Ace-Five offsuit and was eventually called by Macdonald, who was actually ahead with Ace-Six offsuit.

Unfortunately for Macdonald, the Five of Hearts came on the flop and put Gruissem ahead and on track to take out the event. The King of Spades was revealed on the turn and the Ten of Hearts on the river, which meant Gruissem won the hand and, more importantly, the WPT Alpha8 St. Kitts High Roller event.

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