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Gregg Wins WSOP High Roller Event

Many of us could only wish we had weekends like the one Anthony Gregg has just had. Gregg is $4,830,619 richer after taking out the WSOP $111,111 One Drop High Roller event on Saturday, beating a field of 166 to win the top prize and a WSOP Gold Bracelet.

The event was originally scheduled to go for three days, with the final table starting and ending on Day 3, but a fourth day was added due to time constraints. That day featured the four players left on the final table.

Nick Schulman was the first player from the final table to be knocked out after losing a showdown to Richard Fullerton. He may have finished in eighth place, but that was still good enough for a $485,029 pay day for Schulman.

Next to go was Brandon Steven, who was eliminated from the event by Bill Perkins after his Ace Jack off suit hit a two pair on the flop to beat Steven’s Pocket Sixes. One time tournament chip leader Martin Jacobson went out of the event in sixth spot after coming out on the wrong end of a showdown against the tournament’s eventual winner.

Richard Fullerton was eliminated in fifth place after losing a showdown to Antonio Esfandiari. Fullerton went all in with Pocket Sixes but, unfortunately for him, the Magician had Pocket Tens and he was not about to fold them. Fullerton hit a set on the flop but Esfandari hit one on the turn, which won him the hand and sent Fullerton packing.

The remaining four players finished up playing and returned the next day to finish what they started. It did not take long for the Magician to be eliminated from the final table in fourth spot after coming second best in a showdown against Chris Klodnicki.

With Pocket Eights, Esfandiari reraised all in pre flop after Klodnicki initially raised to 800,000. After a bit of thinking, Klodnicki called and showed Ace Nine off suit, giving him a few potential outs to win the hand. With no Ace or Nine appeared on the flop and turn, it looked like the Magician would be doubling up, but the Ace of Hearts on the river knocked him out of the event.

Third place went to Perkins, who was eliminated a few hands after Esfandiari when he lost a showdown to the eventual winner. Perkins moved all in before the flop with Ace Five off suit and was called by Gregg, who outkicked Perkins with Ace Queen of Spades.

Perkins managed to get ahead after the Five of Clubs came on the flop, giving him a pair. The Four of Spades on the turn kept him ahead but the Queen of Hearts on the river gave Gregg a higher pair, winning him and putting the event down to heads-up play.

Gregg had a sizeable, but not massive, chip lead against Klodnicki when heads-up play began, and he would keep it en route to winning the event despite Klodnicki’s best efforts to take the reins.

In the last hand of the event, both players called before the flop. Gregg, who hit a pair of Nines on the flop, then checked before raising to 1.4 million when Klodnicki bet 500,000. Klodnicki, who flopped an inside straight draw, then went all in and was called by Gregg.

Klodnicki needed a Six to hit his straight, but got a few more outs on the turn when he hit a pair of Fives. The Three of Spades on the river was not one of those outs, and he was knocked out of the event in second place, but still won $2,985,495 for his solid play in the event.

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