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Greg Raymer Provides Statement and Answers in FlopTurnRiver Interview

World Series of Poker 2004 Main Event Winner, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer provided an “Ask Me Anything” format interview for the poker forum , FlopTurnRiver.  The “Ask Me Anything” format allowed poker players to ask Raymer about various subjects including important moments in his poker career and his most recent arrest for prostitution.

The Fossilman introduced his hour long question and answer session with an important statement about his recent arrest:

Thanks for coming to my AMA here on! I will be answering many of the questions posted in this thread during the next hour. Sorry if I don’t get to your question, not enough time to answer them all. I know that many of you are curious about my arrest a couple of weeks ago, and want to know more. I appreciate your questions and your interest, but I am still at a point in the process where my lawyers have advised me to not answer most questions on that subject. What I would like to say is that I am very sorry for the pain and suffering I’ve caused my wife, daughter, and family, as well as for any disappointment or difficulties I’ve caused to my friends and fans. Also, I appreciate very much the words of support and encouragement received from many of you. Now let’s talk about poker!

After this initial statement, Raymer answered a plethora of questions that ranged from United States legislation to his stance on the recent gay marriage issue. Through this interview, players learned that about some of his most important moments in poker as well as his political affiliation and personal goals. Participants in the AMA session were generally supportive of Raymer and mainly asked questions about his poker career and strategic view.

The beloved tournament professional had been making headlines over the past year with his accomplishments and shortcomings. Raymer recently made a strong comeback into the upper echelon of the tournament world with an unprecendented four victories in a single year. His success on the felt and work in the legislative world (Poker Players Alliance) were positive stories that increased the popularity of the beloved professional and provided hope to the older generations of poker players.

Even with the recent success on the felt and work in the poker community, the media has been focused on his recent arrest for the alleged solicitation of a prostitute. Raymer was one of six men arrested in a police sting operation and has been set to face trial on April 18, 2013. The incident brought some shock to the poker world, especially in light of his respected and previously clean status. He has not provided an official statement on the recent arrest, but has agreed to do an interview for forums and news outlets like FlopTurnRiver. In addition to the interview, Raymer has stepped down from his position in the Poker Players Alliance in order to focus on personal matters.

Despite the incident, Raymer remains a beloved figure in the poker community and this was certainly evident from the support given by fans and peers alike.

You can go the AMA’s thread and view the session by CLICKING HERE.

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