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GPI Announces its First Free Print Magazine in the USA

T he World Series of Poker is always an exciting time with so much happening in and around the poker world. With this year’s WSOP only days away, everybody is on their toes awaiting the start signal for all the excitement, and the good fellows at the Global Poker Index wanted to increase their role in the festival.

GPI is already the official partner of the series and one of their latest acquisitions is the popular HendonMob page with an extensive database of players and results of live tournament scores from all over the world. However, there is no such a thing as too much public presence so company CEO Alexandre Dreyfus announced today the launch of the first free print magazine in the states.

The magazine will be distributed free of charge at the Rio and the majority of content occupying 56 full-colored pages will be devoted to this years’ WSOP, like the 2014 WSOP Guide, WSOP Survival Guide, together with an article helping players find the best tournaments outside of Rio.

There is also an extensive GPI list covering the top 1,500 players, serving as an addition to the online rankings which currently cover the top 300 spots. In the welcoming article, Dreyfus explained the reasons for the magazine but also shed some light on his future vision for the GPI.

The poker world acknowledged that it needed a dedicated solution to rank tournament players. We’re happy they trusted us to step in and fill this void, and we believe all players need recognition if we want to grow our industry. It won’t happen if only the winners of the world’s largest events are congratulated.”

In this light, he sees the magazine as another stepping stone towards achieving this goal, especially with the extended list of players enabling those who may not be at the very top of the food chain to look and see how they measure up with the rest.

The magazine is already available as a digital edition in case you cannot wait to see it or you won’t be visiting Vegas this summer. The content really looks both interesting and informative. Dreyfus also hinted that this is only one of numerous projects the company is planning to implement during the summer.

For those who will be in Vegas, the magazine can certainly come in handy whether you are looking for some information on where to play or where to stay for the duration or simply for something to keep you occupied if the table action is just too slow – provided there are enough copies kicking around.

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