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GPI Aims to Unite Poker Industry with Global Poker Conference

The Global Poker Index (GPI) has one allegiance, and that’s to the fans of poker. Chief Executive, Alex Dreyfus, has a vision to not only help create a better product for those fans, but to also help create more fans. To ensure that happens, Dreyfus believes that a unified approach is necessary.

He is an advocate of the rowing boat imagery that is slapped on whiteboards up and down the business world. If everyone is rowing in different directions then the boat will go around in circles. Get everyone to row in the right direction and suddenly you are going somewhere.

The poker industry is very splintered. It’s a dog eat dog world. The constant clashing of tournaments is proof personified that the three biggest live tournament organizers in the world don’t seem to be able to sit in the same boat without picking up the oars and smashing them over each other’s heads.

The GPI is the one true constant in this aggressive little market. Dreyfus and his team couldn’t care less if the European Poker Tour (EPT) is better than the World Poker Tour (WPT), but they do care if the tours are a success. They are the gateways for millions of fans. Those doors need to be well-oiled and open easily. The GPI do everything they can to make sure they don’t rust like the man who asked the Wizard for a heart.

In an attempt to get everyone rowing in the same direction, the GPI have decided that the first step is to get everyone into the same boat. They intend to do this by hosting the first-ever Global Poker Conference in the first quarter of 2015.

The vision is to host the GPC 2015 concurrently in both Europe and North America with a handful of experienced members of both world’s crossing over to ensure the breadth of the industry is covered on both continents.

The purpose of our twin Global Poker Conferences is to get the poker industry to communicate,” Dreyfus said in a press release. “We’re pushing it to structure itself as a cohesive industry rather than the set of disparate initiatives it is today.”

The approach the GPI have taken is superlative in its simplicity. Why hasn’t anybody thought about this before? It’s because it’s daring, hard work, and a tad inconvenient. Three problems that Dreyfus is willing to brush under the carpet in order to do what’s right.

It’s anticipated that the events will showcase a series of high profile speakers from throughout the industry. That people from all parts of the complicated system that is poker get a voice and feel like it’s heard.

Innovators will get a chance to share their dreams, social media plans can be drawn up and delivered. The way that we organize and promote poker tours and competitions can also be placed on the table and dissected until the fat has been placed in the trash.

The GPC was founded to create an open forum capable of accommodating industry-wide discussion, encouraging the exchange of information, and giving poker – both as a professional global sport and as a business community – a focal point from which to grow and adopt new initiatives. To achieve this, GPI will gather the game’s most important operators and prominent brands active in North America and Europe.

Global Poker Index Partners With CineSport

Let’s imagine for one moment that the GPC 2015 is a rip-roaring success.

Then what?

It’s imperative that part of the new world order involves a marketing strategy that gives poker a make over. A startling revolution that changes us from a shady game to a well-respected sport. One of the ways to do this is to connect with people who already do this – people like CineSport.

CineSport is a web syndication company that distributes sporting videos to over 30 news outlets in the US. High profile establishments such as The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are just a few of the gateways that CineSport use to reach over 14 million eyeballs.

Dreyfus and his team at the GPI believe that 22.5% of US sports fans that use the Internet to access their information are interested in poker content. That makes total sense. It also makes total sense to go after them in a constructive, smart, and aggressive way.

The relationship with CineSport achieves that goal.

This strategic partnership finally gives us the opportunity to reach a U.S. sports market that’s interested in poker content.” Dreyfus said. “This is a great first step towards a larger plan to bring poker into the mainstream sports consciousness, and GPI is excited to provide fans with this volume and quality of exclusive coverage with the support of CineSport.”

CineSport COO, Michael Dresner, believes that poker is a “growth” sport and is very happy to be getting into bed with the GPI at such an early phase of what will hopefully turn out to be quite a magnificent journey.



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