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Gold-en Finish at UKIPT Galway Main Event

Alan Gold is €187,494 (around US$249,000) after he won the UKIPT Galway Main Event yesterday. Gold bested a respectable field of 860 entrants to take out the €1,100 buy-in event in what ended up being a lightning fast final table.

Gold was also the chip leader going into the final table, and there was nothing that could stop him as he went on his way to taking out the tournament.

Jonathan Slater was the first player to be eliminated from the final table, which happened less than half an hour after final table play began. Christy Morgan and Benjamin Spragg were the next players to be knocked out after they both lost showdowns in their final hands of the event.

Damian Porebski and Dimitri Pembroke were eliminated from the event in fifth and fourth place respectively, while Daragh Davey had to settle for third place after he was eliminated by the eventual winner in a showdown.

Davey’s elimination put Gold and Paul Febers in heads-up play, with Gold holding a respectable 2.5 to one chip lead when heads-up play began. Both players showed no fear in betting big quantities of chips and, as a result, heads-up play did not last long.

In the last hand of the event, Febers, who had Pocket Nines, min-raised to 160,000 pre flop and was called by Gold, who had Queen Jack off suit. Gold went ahead after the flop when one of the three cards was the Queen of Diamonds.

Gold checked the flop before reraising to 450,000 after Febers bet 160,000.  Febers called the reraise before the Queen of Clubs came on the turn, which gave Gold Three of a Kind. That prompted Gold to bet out 775,000, which was called by Febers.

The eventual winner then went all in on the river after the King of Diamonds rounded out the board. After a moment’s thought, Febers decided to make the call and he was knocked out of the event after Gold showed his Queen.

According to the Hendon database, the UKIPT Galway Main Event is only Gold’s second in the money finish at a professional event. The other event being the UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event back in January, in which Gold placed 45th, winning £1,650 (around $2,650) in the process.

Not only does the UKIPT Galway win dwarf that achievement, but it also thrusts Gold on the map of professional poker in the UK and Europe.

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