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FTOPS XXI Event #1 Prize Pool Tops $1 Million

Full Tilt’s FTOPS XXI series kicked off on Sunday with a $200 + $16 No-Limit Hold’em event that saw 5,482 entrants catapult the guaranteed prize pool of $750,000 over the $1 million mark to $1,096,400.

Up to three entries were allowed for each player in Event #1. For those unfamiliar with Full Tilt’s Multi-Entry tournaments, the concept allows players to “multi-table.” In other words, each entry is played separately with its own chip stack and is dealt its own hand. Your separate entries will never be seated at the same table and should you happen to have more entries in play than remaining tables in the tourney, your entry from a broken table will be merged with your shortest-stacked entry.

A total of 720 places paid out in the first of 35 scheduled FTOPS XXI events, with those just finishing in the money receiving $328.92. Making the final table was good for $11,512.20, which went to ninth place finisher “sicklol” from Sweden.

A turning point in the action came with four players remaining when chip leader “Sgoup” shoved more than 18 million in chips into the pot with K-4 suited. Australia’s “doneNdusted84” called with A-J and the board of 2-6-9-Q-7 saw “doneNdusted84” double up to 7.7 million in chips. The final four players discussed making a deal during a break prior to that hand, but could not come to a concensus with “doneNdusted84” declaring that “greek luckbox going down” in reference to “Sgoup” and his huge stack of chips.

After “BGMozak” of Bulgaria was knocked out in third place for a $93,194 payday, heads-up action was on between “doneNdusted84” and “Sgoup.” An A-Q allowed “doneNdusted84” to pull down 27 million in chips over the A-J of “Sgoup.” From that point on, “doneNdusted84” used his chip lead to wear down “Sgoup.” Holding pocket Jacks, “Sgoup” went all-in with his remaining 8 million in chips after the turn on a board of 9-3-Q-K. “DoneNdusted84” took no time in calling with Q-10, taking the title of Event #1 and a prize of $187,484.40 after a 3 appeared on the river. “Sgoup” was awarded $130,471.60 as runner-up after playing just under 12 hours.

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