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FTOPS XXI Day 15 Results

The 21st FTOPS series concluded Sunday with a whopping total of more than $13 million being paid out over 35 events, almost doubling the $7.5 million prize pool that organisers had guaranteed. The first FTOPS since PokerStars acquired the assets of Full Tilt and relaunched the site on Nov. 6 was a huge success.

The series’ only two-day event, the $2,000 + $100 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Event #31 picked up where it left off Saturday with 72 entries remaining. After eight and 1/2 hours of action, a three-way chop settled most of the prize money distribution. Kevin “A_theKevlar_2” Schulz then outlasted his opponents and took the crown and $255,780. Scott “stpauli111” Hall, who held the chip lead prior to the deal, received $254,659 for his second place finish, while Nicky “nickyluvshu” Tao Jin finished third with a payday of $192,054.

Final table results for Event #31:

1 A_theKevlar_2 $255,780

2 stpauli111 $254,659

3 nickyluvshu $192,054

4 KTPOKP $118,830

5 Seldoon $90,870

6 ducaticvcc $62,910

7 NoBadBeatsPlz $43,338

8 keinebeine $33,552

9 sonajero $25,164


Just a few hours before the Main Event, Event #34 got underway, a $240 + $16 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Multi-Entry Six-Max Knockout. A total of 4,280 entries from 2,934 players increased the prize pool to $856,000. In addition to the prize pool, $40 bounties were up for grabs for each player knocked out. The final knockout came when Ronny “ronnyr37617” Kaiser eliminated “NhFy,” securing $142,609 and his second career FTOPS championship.

The six-handed final table of Event #34:

1 ronnyr37617 $142,609

2 NhFy $94,160

3 FETTSTUHL $68,480

4 RuDyBoY X $48,792

5 nollus $31,672

6 kylejf $19,688


The FTOPS XXI Main Event generated $2,859,600 in prize money on 4,766 entries. That’s almost double the $1.5 million guaranteed. Three entries were allowed for each player at a buy-in of $600 + $40 for the No-Limit Hold’em competition. A deal between the final two players, Yann “yadio1111” Dion and “CSWAMI,” left $40,000 to play for and both players guaranteed $413,229.

A gruelling battle ensued until “yadio1111” got “CSWAMI” to go all-in with A-4, while Dion was slighlty better with A-7. A board of K-Q-2-6-10 allowed Dion to win the Main Event gold jersey and nearly half a million in prize money at $453,229. Reaching the final table was good for $31,455 for “Zugwat,” while third place finisher “AmplifiedSample” took home more than a quarter-million dollars at $253,932.

Final table results for the Main Event, FTOPS #35.

1 yadio1111 $453,229

2 CSWAMI $413,229

3 AmplifiedSample $253,932

4 iRockhoes $188,733

5 Aberdonian85 $140,120

6 Imper1um $97,226

7 MAMOHT_T $65,770

8 betrthanphil $45,753

9 Zugwat $31,455


The FTOPS XXI Leaderboard Race was cemented with a 40th place finish in the two-day event by “callyoudownn,” who can look forward to free entries in all events of FTOPS XXII, except for the two-day event. Other notables among the top 10 in the Leaderboard competition included Mike “GoLeafsGoEh” Leah and Sebastian “p00cket00” Sikorski, who both played outstanding in the series.

FTOPS XXI Leaderboard top ten in points:

1 callyoudownn 739

2 DoktorGre 593

3 1SickDisease 568

4 OneUponaStar 553

5 GoLeafsGoEh 517

6 Gennadiy As 506

7 lemberg1715 505

8 p00cket00 485

9 IceView_ 454

10 IkillU2012 447



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