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FTOPS XXI Day 14 Results

Saturday began with the $2,000 + $100 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Two-Day Event #31 that attracted 699 players to create a prize pool just shy of $1.4 million. That almost tripled the $500,000 guarantee and means that more than $3.5 million will be paid out in prize money on the final day of FTOPS XXI on Sunday. On the slate for Sunday are Event #34 with a guaranteed $600,000 prize pool, the Main Event with $1.5 million at stake, and the conclusion of the two-day event.

Event #31 finds Anthony “holdplz” Spinella in the chip lead with 176,820, with Keith “DaMurdera3” Ferrera on his tail with 163,446. All 72 players remaining in the tournament will cash, including “xMONSTERxDONGx,” who holds down 72nd place with only 2,423 in chips, but will win at least $3,145.50. In addition to his current second place ranking in chips, “DaMurdera3” has a second entry still alive in 67th place. Ferrara will cash twice unless both entries make it to the final table, at which time his chip stacks will merge into one. Also still holding chips are “callyoudownn,” the current top dog in the FTOPS XXI Leaderboard race, and “p00cket00,” who won Event #11 and is eighth in the Leaderboard standings. Get ready for an exciting finish where the champion will take home $335,520.

The top nine in chips in Event #31:

1 holdplz 176,820

2 DaMurdera3 163,446

3 keinebeine 156,902

4 flashdisastr 147,115

5 Seldoon 132,144

6 johne147 130,395

7 Vinkyy 114,306

8 NoBadBeatsPlz 109,558

9 p00cket00 106,212


Event #32 on Saturday received 252 entries for the $200 + $16 buy-in 7-Stud Hi/Lo. The prize pool of $50,400 was split among 32 players with the final two, the Ukraine’s “lemburg1715” and “EMSBas” from the UK, agreeing to a deal that divvied up the cash for the top two positions. An extra $260.56 remained for the winner, and that was “lemburg1715,” who laid claim to a gold FTOPS jersey.

The final table results of Event #32:

1 lemberg1715 $11,243

2 EMSBas $10,982

3 stevie444 $6,048

4 wadzon $3,830

5 aDrENalin17 $2,520

6 Pearljammed $1,738

7 Iammoron $1,310

8 666dimka666 $932

9 raidalot $680


Exhibit A in the argument that poker is a game of skill is FTOPS XXI. Kevin “-1SickDisease-“ Eyster nailed his second FTOPS title in four days, winning Event #33 on Saturday after taking Event #25 for $17,272.50 on Wednesday. Eyster beat the field of 766 in No-Limit Hold’em Rush Rebuy at an entry fee of $100 + $9 in Event #33 for $79,608. That field included fourth place finisher Mike “GoLeafsGoEh” Leah, who won $28,194 and Keith “DaMurdera3” Ferrara in 68th place, taking home $746.32. Leah won Event #28 on Thursday, good for $19,477.50, and Ferrara has two entries alive in the $2,000 + $100 two-day event that will conclude tomorrow.

Final table results for Event #33:

1 1SickDisease $79,608

2 KJulius10 $49,755

3 shhhookem $37,316

4 GoLeafsGoEh $28,194

5 Iammoron $21,560

6 MURBIE $14,926

7 DERRICKROSE25 $10,262

8 Comandr_Cool $7,960




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