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FTOPS XXI Day 13 Results

Two FTOPS tournaments were played on Friday, Events #29 and #30, leaving five tourneys left to play in the remaining two days of FTOPS XXI action. Of those five, the largest tournament buy-in of the entire series begins tomorrow, a two-day event costing $2,000 + $100 for No-Limit Hold’em with antes throughout the tourney. Also left to play is Sunday’s Main Event, $600 + $40 No-Limit Hold’em Multi-Entry with a guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 million. Satellites are running now.

Friday’s action featured a $200 + $16 No-Limit Hold’em Rush tourney with one rebuy and one add-on that drew an even 400 players. The prize pool ended up at $170,200 after the add-on period and 45 players finished in-the-money. A notable finish went to “callyoudownn” in 13th place for $1,531.80 that extended his lead in the FTOPS XXI Leaderboard race. The title of Event #29 went to Russia’s “serjiofx,” who is $42,550 richer as a result of his outstanding play.

Final table results of Event #29:

1 serjiofx $42,550

2 Pokerccini $26,381

3 moliveira $19,573

4 Comandr_Cool $15,318

5 DoktorGre $11,488

6 AD_84 $8,510

7 tuna_fish_tank $5,531

8 Scott Clements $4,255

9 sosickPL $3,404


Event #30 attracted 308 players to compete in Omaha Hi/Lo Limit at a buy-in of $200 + $16. The guaranteed prize pool of $20,000 more than tripled to $61,600. The winner of Thursday’s Event #28 Razz tournament, Mike “GoLeafsGoEh” Leah, just missed the final table in this event, adding another $770.00 to his Razz payday of $19,477.50. A heads-up deal was brokered between “datso-buessal7” from Norway and the UK’s “mcflurryoreo” before “datso-buessal7” emerged as the champion and received $13,120. Second place was good for $12,135 for “mcflurryoreo.”

Final table results of Event #30:

1 datso-buessal7 $13,120

2 mcflurryoreo $12,135

3 blueberry $7,392

4 cyberkanguru $5,698

5 tamasycris $4,312

6 BronzStarPro $3,080

7 Upeshka $2,002

8 AmkarPerm $1,540

9 Real Shaddy $1,232



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