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Finger Wins Event #21 At WSOP

Martin Finger has taken out the $3,000 No Limit Hold’Em Six Handed Event, beating a field of 807 players to win $507,764 and his first ever WSOP Gold Bracelet.

A total of 13 players made it to the final day of the three day event, but that quickly was slashed to the six who would grace the final table. Finger had the chip lead when the final table was set, but would later find himself needing to fight to stay in the tournament before taking it out.

Andrew Dean was the first player to be eliminated from the six-handed final table, after an unfortunate run of play removed his once-big stack quickly. On the third hand of final table action, Dean lost a showdown to Matt Stout which took over 1.3 million chips off his stack.  A few hands later, he was down to just 40,000 after losing another showdown, this time it was against Matt Berkey.

The loss to Berkey led Dean to move all in pre flop in the very next hand with Ten Six off suit. He was called by Stout, who hit a two pair on the flop to win the hand and knock Dean out of the final table in sixth place.

The next player to be eliminated from the event was Nikolai Sears, who was knocked out of the tournament by Berkey. Sears’ Pocket Kings was ahead of Berkey’s Pocket Tens before the flop, but a straight draw for Berkey on the flop had Sears nervous. Unfortunately for him, Berkey hit his straight on the turn when the Eight of Diamonds was shown, winning him the hand and sending Sears packing in fifth place.

David Pham was eliminated from the event in fourth place after he lost a hand to Martin Finger minutes before the dinner break. Pham, who had Pocket Tens, went all in before the flop and was eventually called by Finger, who showed King Queen of Clubs.

Finger hit a flush draw on the flop, but Pham was still ahead with his pocket pair. This changed on the turn, however, when the Eight of Clubs was shown, giving Finger his flush and knocking Pham out of the tournament.

Third place went to Berkey, who was eliminated by Stout after he hit a pair of Aces on the flop with his Ace King. That beat Berkey’s Pocket Nines, which were unable to hit anything on the turn or the river and he was knocked out of the event, but not without $199,733 for his solid play.

This left Finger and Stout in heads-up play, with Stout holding a massive chip lead over Finger when play first began. Finger clawed back, however, and it was not long before he reclaimed the lead from Stout before the chip lead seesawed between the two.

In the last hand of the tournament, Stout went all in pre flop with Ace Seven off suit and was called by Finger, who had Pocket Queens. Stout was unable to hit an Ace on the board, and he was knocked out of the tournament while Finger was proclaimed the winner.

Before his first Gold Bracelet win, Finger was perhaps best known for taking out the EPT Prague Main Event in 2011, where he won over $964,000.

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