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Final Table set in WSOP Asia Pacific

With one day to go in the WSOP Asia Pacific Main Event, eight players remain on what will be the final table on the tournament’s last day. German poker standout Benny Spindler will come into the last day of the event as the table’s chip leader, with 2,931,000 chips to his name at the end of today’s play.

A former ranked StarCraft protoss player, Spindler has gained a reputation for hyper aggressive play on the poker table. It’s a style that has worked out very well for the German in the Main Event so far as he holds a near 500,000 chip lead over the player with the second highest number of chips, Daniel Negreanu.

Day 4 of play began with the final 15 players of the tournament playing on two tables. As expected, each one of the final 15 would not be eliminated easily. However, as time went on and the blinds went up, six players were eventually knocked out, leaving just one more needing to be added to the casualty list before the end of the day’s play.

After holding on as a short stack for the last few hours of play, Antonio ‘the Magician’ Esfandiari would be the seventh and final player to be eliminated from the Main Event. He called pre-flop before chip leader Benny Spindler, who was in the big blind, raised to 75,000. Esfandiari, who had around 400,000 chips to his name at this point, moved all-in, which was instantly called by the German.

The showdown commenced and both players turned their hands over. Spindler turned pocket Queens while Esfandiari had Ace King off-suit. Spindler was in front, but there were many outs that could have won the hand for the Magician. It was not to be, however, with the five of diamonds, jack of clubs, two of clubs, three of spades and nine of hearts board giving Spindler the win and knocking Esfandiari out of the Main Event.

Attention now turns to the fifth and final day of play in the WSOP Asia Pacific Main Event. With eight formidable players remaining, it is shaping up to be an entertaining and nail-biting end to the first ever World Series of Poker Asia Pacific at Melbourne, Australia’s Crown Casino.

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