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Final Table Ready for APPT Macau, Mcgarrity in the Lead

The last hand of Day 3 in Macau has been dealt and played out and that means that we now know the names of the final nine players who will be returning tomorrow to play until only one player is left with all the chips in front of him.

Although 51 players returned at the start of the day, it took well over ten hours to eliminate 42 of them and form the final table. It must have taken its toll on the players still in, so they will be looking to get some well-deserved rest before coming back tomorrow.

It was Steve Yea who was the first to leave the room after getting his very short stack of 13,000 in and failing to hold up against a weaker hand. He was the first, but another 41 were to follow as well. Emi Hibuse was ousted in 37th, J. J. Liu was sent to the rail in 33rd, leaving the field deprived of a female presence. The chip leader to start the day, Poland’s Daniel Demicki, experienced the same fate, leaving in 25th. Peter Chan hit the rail in 30th and Hao Tian, who was one of the biggest stacks in the room when play got underway, headed for the exit after a 16th place finish.

The last player to be eliminated today, the infamous final table bubble, was Feng Wen Chen. He called off his stack with #qs #jd and wasn’t that far behind Thomas Mcgarrity’s #as #2d. However, the dealer produced a flop with not one, but two deuces, and although a queen on the turn brought some hope for Chen, the river blanked and he was eliminated in 10th, taking home HK $130,000.

Of those returning tomorrow, it will be Mcgarrity who will be leading the way with 2,865,000. His closest competitor is nearly a million behind, as Jiajun Liu bagged 1,915,000. Andre Cyril will be returning with 1,545,000, while Carlos Kuo Chang is on 935,000 and Yat Wai Cheng will be sitting down with 875,000.

Those with somewhat shorter stacks are Chen Yen Han with 520,000, Jean Marie Peyron starts on 435,000, Saliesh Verma (405,000), and the official short stack of the final table belongs to Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros, who will need to make something happen fast, as his stack is only 325,000.

First to leave tomorrow will be pocketing HK $198,140, but there is $2,776,000 reserved for the winner, so we are probably in for another long day of poker as players will be struggling to make pay jumps and also accumulate chips, as that’s the all important ammo needed to seize the money, the day and the title! 

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