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Final Stage is Set for EPT Season 10 Vienna Main Event

It is never a good idea to try and predict how long it would take players to play down to the final table, but if we had to guess, we’d probably take over four hours – and we’d be wrong. Today at noon, seventeen players returned to play, all with their eyes set on the final eight seats and, ultimately, the first place prize. But they all knew that nine of them would have to walk away disappointed, everyone just hoped it wouldn’t be them.


The day started fiercely, as we saw the first elimination of the day in the very first hand. It was Mike Adamo who broke the ice, as he got picked off by Roman Korenev, who was more than happy to send Adamo to the rail. Not long after, the one big name still in the tournament was sent packing, as Johnny Lodden fell at the hands of Gavin O’Rourke, finishing in 15th place. One after another, players followed suit as Panny, Murariu, Vitagliano and Kovacs all headed for the exit.


Things went along as scheduled, and when nine players were left in the tournament, they were moved to a feature table to play for one more elimination before the official final table of the EPT Vienna Main Event would be formed. These final table bubbles have been known to last a while in the past, but it wouldn’t be the case today. Gavin O’Rourke has been running and playing well for most of the tournament, but his luck turned today as he got into a huge cooler pot against Anthony Ghamrawi.


O’Rourke held pocket Queens against Ghamrawi’s Kings, and as the board ran out, the pot of more than 3.6 million went Ghamrawi’s way, leaving Gavin in dire straits. He never really managed to recover and came into the final nine with the short stack. It did not take O’Rourke long to find a spot to shove his chips in and get into a flip against Frei Dilling. With the way things went down for him today, it was no surprise that O’Rourke couldn’t improve and he headed for the rail as the remaining eight players started bagging their chips for tomorrow’s final table.


Of those remaining eight, it is Anthony Ghamrawi who has the highest hopes for the prestigious title of EPT Main Event winner as he will be coming back as the chip leader with a stack of 5,150,000, nearly a million more than that of Dilling in second place. Pablo Gordillo will be continuing his success story, as he will be coming third in chips with 4,075,000. The chip leader at the start of the day, Timo Pfutzenreuter, is also returning with 3,740,000, together with Simeon Naydenov (3,550,000), Rumen Nanev (2,765,000), Oleksii Khoroshenin (2,150,000) and Marko Neumann (1,685,000).


Ghamrawi will be aiming to turn his chip lead into becoming the first Austrian EPT champion tomorrow, while mysterious Gordillo will be looking to do the honors for Spain. Although many with far more experience and recognition have tried – and failed, there is something about Gordillo that indicates that he just might make it all the way. This is not to say that the remaining six will sit idly, as we are sure that they will do all in their power to prevent the title from slipping under their fingers.


It was nothing if not fun as EPT Season 10 made its stop here in Vienna. There is no more waiting as tomorrow, the champion of Vienna will be crowned. Alongside the Main Event final table, the High Roller final table will be played as well, so it will be a truly action-packed day with a lot excitement as we finally find out who will be walking away with the €816,000 first place cash and a cool watch to match!

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