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Fan The Red Dragon In Macau

It was an exciting and entertaining ten days in the gaming hub of Asia as poker players came together for the Macau Poker Cup.

After the Cup’s Red Dragon Main Event came to an end, Taiwan’s Terry Fan reigned supreme, taking out top spot and the $HK1,771,000 (around US$228,190) cash prize that came with it. Fan was the one to watch even as the final table began; He was the chip leader when it came down to the last nine, and he never faltered from there on in.

Fan played a highly smart game in the final table – not to mention the entire tournament – remaining elusive while most of the remaining players knocked each other out. It was only when the Red Dragon got down to its last three players that Fan really upped his aggressiveness, shown by the elimination of Neil Chen in third place. Chen would enter into a showdown with Fan holding pocket Sixes, while Fan held pocket Queens. The Queens held and Fan once again held the chip lead.

Then heads-up play began.

Gie Angelo Reyes was the only player sitting between Fan and the Red Dragon’s top prize. Both players had played extremely well leading into heads-up play, and a long battle of wits was anticipated.

This was not to be, however, as heads-up play between the Taiwanese Fan and Filipino Reyes only lasted a few minutes before the end of the Main Event. Reyes called Fan’s pre-flop all-in, which came after a 600,000 chip three-bet from the Filipino. Reyes showed King Eight off-suit while Fan was in front after showing Ace Five of Spades.

Despite this, the flop was kind to Reyes as the Eight of Diamonds, Seven of Clubs and Four of Diamonds flop gave him top pair. The Three of Spades turn was also kind, albeit only just, to Reyes, keeping him in the lead but giving Fan a number of outs in the process. With the Ace of Clubs coming on the river, Reyes chances of staying in the tourney were dashed and Fan would be crowned winner of the Red Dragon Main Event.

It was a good week and a half for the 30-year-old Fan. Along with winning the Main Event, he also came in sixth place in the Macau Poker Cup’s HKD$5,500 No Limit event. It was also a solid showing for Taiwan at the Cup. Along with Fan’s Red Dragon victory, fellow countryment Pipi Huang took out the HKD$20,000 Deepstack tournament, the first event of the Cup.

A total of 891 players competed in the Red Dragon Main Event, obliterating the 635 player record that had been set previously. Yet another sign that poker in the Asia Pacific region is going from strength to strength.

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