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Event #39 Set For Overtime, Jacob Schindler Still Leading The Way

The rail asked for an extra level, instead they received a whole day worth of overtime play. “One more level,” the rail chanted with minutes to go until the end of the tenth level of the day.

But to have the extra level, one more player had to be eliminated, and both finalists had to agree to it. That didn’t happen as Ryan Jaconetti doubled up right at the death and is closer than ever to winning his first World Series of Poker gold bracelet. So is chip leader Jacob Schindler, while the shortstack, Sean Dempsey, isn’t that far behind.

All three played ten long hours, hoping to put their hands on the Las Vegas gold; instead they will have to return later today and play some more.

Day 3 of Event #39: $3,000 No Limit Hold’Em started with 26 players returning to the poker felt. The field shrank quickly and in a matter of four hours, ten remained.

The official final table bubble, however, lasted over two hours and signaled the shape of things to come. Clyde Walters was the unlucky bubble boy; he shoved over two people with #jc#jh and was at risk when Sean Dempsey called with #ah#ad. The board played the percentages and sent Walters home.

After that, Schindler began his domination. He first doubled-up big on a #ad#kc#as#2h#9s board while holding #ah#ks. And with Andrew Becker eliminated in ninth place, he sent the next four players to the rail. Takashi Yagura raised all-in with #10d#10s and was called by Schindler’s #ad#qh. The community cards flushed Yagura away from the tourney.

Six-time bracelet winner Layne Flack was next, putting his last chips in the middle with #jc#8c. Prior to the elimination hand, Flack was crippled in a #ac#kd > #as#9s battle against Jaconetti.

Nam Le and Ryan Laplante were the other Schindler victims. Le lost a flip preflop to finish in sixth place while Laplante took a severe hit on the river that sent him packing in fifth place.

The last elimination of the day was made by Dempsey. He snap-called Ryan Olisar’s all-in with the absolute nuts preflop: #ad#ah. Jaconetti had the same hand in the very last play of Day 3 when he moved all-in from the big blind. Schindler, who was in the small blind, called with #as#4s hoping for a light steal and some extra time. But it wasn’t meant to be as Jaconetti had #ad#ac for the big double-up.

Here is the official chip count with hours left until the big showdown:

  1. Jacob Schindler: 3,860,000 (38.6 BB)
  2. Ryan Jaconetti: 3,410,000 (34.1 BB)
  3. Sean Dempsey: 1,660,000 (16.6 BB)

Who will prevail in the fourth-day overtime?

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